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Here are several line items that will prove to your followers that you care what we think.
1). Trading Post: Give me a building where I can trade in items that are no longer needed as you progress in the game. I have over 1000 practice swords. Let me trade in items for Gems? 10 Items is worth 1 GEM.
2). Base Camp: My entire base camp is level 20 with my Barracks at level 10. How about a second base camp?
3). Ascension Items: If I am spending $100.00 to buy 30 chances for 5* hero’s why are the ascension items so far and few between?
4). Summons coins that allows me to choose the Epic Hero, Epic Troop Summon and Daily Summons.
5). Advanced Training Camp: Instead of using recruits to train heroes, you use common heroes to train uncommon heroes, Uncommon heroes to train rare heroes, Rare hero to train epic heroes and epic heroes to train legendary heroes.

Make the game fun again, steer away from the current pay to win format.


To prevent the game from becoming a complete P2W cash-fest. Spending entitles you to use the rare ascension materials on better heroes, but not necessarily to ascend a lot more heroes. Just better ones.

First time I’ve seen this particular idea. I like it. Sacrifice (10? 20?) 4* cards, a big pile of food and maybe some other stuff, and get a random 5*.


the game is already p2w my friend, with nerfing every way to get AM and make an offer for a 100 Euro to get 1 tomp of tactic that you been waiting for over 6 month thats exactly what is p2w is all about, please dont tell me luck and that bs because everyone know the titan drops / chests has been nerfed to death and almost the only 2 ways to get am now is paying or waiting for rare quest to show up now and then.


+1 my friend @Fantastic
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There are other ways. You can score them from Mystic Vision and chests. I think @Kerridoc has a point - you can buy all the 5* heroes you want, but if you can’t ascend them, then what’s the point? The slow trickle of mats keeps rampant spending in check and allows for f2p players to have a chance as well.

Since I know proof of a statement is always appreciated, here’s my MV for the last 2 days :smile:


i never got anything from mystic vision the past 6 month or from titan or any chest if thats what you call a source of AM , i made a report about that and all i got was its luck, if you are lucky im sure there is millions who is just like me, the game should not be based on luck on everything in it from boards to quests to events to titans to hero pulls etc,

its hard enough to get any hero and its even harder to get the hero you are looking for and its even harder to max any of them with the drop rates the game have

and believe me the game is not designed to make it fair for f2p players if so why they are selling AM in a 100 euro offer, if it wasnt for the AM more than half of the ppl who buy the offer wont even bother spending after they get the heroes they want, its all about how much money they can collect thats all


Yip fully agree! I am on Titan 14 without ANY ascention materials…i mean 14…ffs!


I don’t believe a person is inherently lucky or unlucky. It’s all RNG. My alt seems to be one of the ‘unlucky’ ones as her mats are slow to roll in, but again, it’s just RNG.

I, too, go through times when I get nothing and then the AMs seem to start up again. I currently am in the phase where I’m snagging a lot of goods. I’m sure it will go away again, but it will come back around again.

I still believe that chests and MV cannot be excluded as ways to attain mats. Another example - my monster chest from today.


if you want to follow my posts i will make a post and post to you every chest and titan drop i got since i started this game 6 month ago and call that RNG then, the chests is nerfed no matter what you say, and im not going to change my mind till i see its really based on luck, but 6 month of no drops gonna bring up alot of ???

anyway lets not sabotage this post about things not related to it :smiley:


Sounds like you’ve just been a bit unlucky. Cheer up! I’m sure that if you adopt a positive attitude fortune will smile upon you. Being unhappy is bad karma: smile!


yes sir :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Unlucky is the name of the game.

I been playing for 4 months now and have never gotten 1 ascension item from a titan yet, only seen 1 coloured monster chest in my first week, never gotten 1 ascension item from AW’s, mystic has only provided AM twice, AW’s even those we have won has never given me AM yet others get them everytime we win.

Many Other lesser leveled players in my allience keep getting AM’s with almost every 2 out of 3 attempts at anything yet I fight the same titans and never get one, I fill chests daily, do every quest daily and never see AM’s as rewards.

Yes I do get AM’s from the quests that offer them in the playing of the game but never as a reward for playing it. It’s basically the of way I get AM’s at all.

I am currently needing 12 hidden Swords, 8 shields, 6 capes, 4 gloves and at this drops rate it will be years before my heros are ascended.

Does that make for a fun game or an annoying game?

We are told constantly to be patient it’s all about luck, do every game offered and your turn will come and yet 4 months later after forfilling every game nothing shows up.

Coloured chests are given to players in my allience at the rate of at least 1 every couple of weeks and yet I never see 1.

So forgive me for agreeing with players that have the same thing happen to them and forgive me for believing some accounts are more nerfed than others probably based on lactation or what ever other reason and forgive me for having such a negative attitude when it comes to AM’s and the way they are recieved but please remember 2 things

(1) my negativeness was brought on by this games b.s. top players in this forum keeps feeding us WEATHER it be true or not as months of daily play should never bring in absolutely nothing at all.
(2) As a paying player all we do is give and never get anything we actually need in return.

Say a you want but the proof in ones account.

I would like to say though that when a team wins an AW’s or defeats a titan as a team effort ALL THOSE TEAM MEMBERS should (1) receive the same rewards and even if not all should receive AM’s not just one or two and defiantly not the always the same players getting them.


I agree with everything said.
There seems to be a fine line we look to find for players to not to frustrate them and make them happy would mean we would spend more, but instead the line is at let’s frustrate the crap out of you, we don’t want your money. Lmao

Hopefully developers will tweak this line some more the right way.


I could show you a month of Mystic Vision reward where I got only crap and usually a repeat of the day befores crap. Those advertisements have to pay E&P to put those videos on there for us, they could give us way better rewards than one gem and a bear banner! They should remove all the 1* items and the 2* items out of what they call a reward.


eh it’s free. and takes 30 seconds, the loot does suck but hard to demand better when we neither play the game to get it or pay to get it…sometimes just gotta take what ya get and either jump for joy or shrug it off and go on


I never get items like this either :disappointed_relieved:.
Mystic vision usually gives me 2 items gems and a banner mostly


I’ve got extremely nice stuff and Ascension items. Average once a month but I view every vision.


MV can be a crap, once in a while it gives AM, but a whole lots of times it gives crappy stuff: bear banners and 3 gems, even 1 gem!. I have stopped banking on it as a source of AM, since I hardly get anything in months.

The only sure way to get AM in this game is through events, there you are sure, but like everything else you have to wait for it…

Titan loots, heroes chests all follow the same trend as MV, color chest from my game account perspective is totally rare! Just as it is rare chest… Although, war chest is much better.

As for Titan loots, don’t want to repeat the same issue, you score average A+ and get farmable mats, someone with B on the same Titan in the same Alliance gets non farmable mat… Randomness it is, but then it is better to remove the scores and grades if the rewards are not meant to be commensurate!