We need you says I - Council of Yeen

Council of Yeen needs you!
We had to reform our alliance when we lost our leader.

Our titans were 6 to 8 but now we are down to 2s
They’re cute but we have to hit once per member so everyone can get a chance… this is temporary until our 20 member strong alliance can bring our stats back up.

In the meantime, need a new place to call home with great people from the US, Canada and a couple of internationals?

We need you. And you won’t find a more helpful, fun, role playing group than us. You thought this game was good? It is… but we make it great and we will make it great for you too… Join us and let’s grow together. The established alliances don’t need you… they are already fixed and just looking for bandaids… be a part of something that is organic and active.
We are also on Discord. Join our alliance, Council of Yeen. Hope to see you there!
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Council of Yeen :sunglasses: