We need to know all the odds

wilbur,wu kong and 2 healers


Wilbur for me, and lucky pulls in TC20 for Lianna and Vivica and Joon. Plus not spending a dime for almost a year of playing, by which time I had a few maxed 5* and many maxed 4*.




Well, it appears that TC20 has similar odds to the epic hero summon.

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From what I’ve Read and been told by ppl playing for year’s now it has around 5% give or take so 2x better odds then an element summon also been told to save gems up for costume as it’s got the best odds and in my experience other then King Arthur who was a free pull I got Isarnia when she was featured and domitia when she was as well both free pulls but seems some ppl get very lucky with tc20 other’s seldom…so yeah all RNGods

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I’ve seen this 5% thrown around for years too. I don’t buy it. The sample sizes of the data collected are WAY too small.

I’m also really unlucky. So factor that in, as well.

But I’ve had TC20s running for over 2 years. Call it 800 days. Always at least one running, occasionally more, especially early on.

So if it were 5% odds, and if I had actually achieved that rate consistently over the 800 days, then I should have enjoyed 40 five-star heroes sprouting out of my TC20 in the past 2 years and a bit.

I can tell you, that it has been far, far less than this. Like about half as many.

That’s one person’s data, out of a couple of million playing. The few dozen on here who claim they have reams and reams and reams of data collected by themselves and “many other contributors” still only represent a very, very tiny fraction of the data set.

Some might be enjoying TC20 5* at a rate of 5%, but I am certainly not one of them (nor is anyone else in the game that I personally know, which is about 100 people).

The point is, it’s a low chance that you’ll get a 5*, whether from TC20, or from any summons. So set your expectations (and budgets) accordingly.

Happy gaming.


Yeah I know it varies…I’m going to be collecting data myself on TC 20 pulls and yeah all my 5s have been from free pulls… when in the past have pulled trying to get something always been disappointed…so other then VIP/valor I don’t pay for pulls…and really there should be better odds for tc20 as with VIP it still takes about 6 months of playing to get there…SG Dev’s should make the tc20 odds better as if you’re at that point you’re already a dedicated player who even if F2P is still making them$ from MV adds alone… allot of stick little carrot and only way we’ll send the MSG to SG is to not spend on pulls! It’s straight up gambling with little rewards and it’s ruined lives sad to say… over a game that’s supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable…so yeah agreed spend wisely happy gaming :heart:

As a data lover, I mildly wish they’d post the odds for everything (slash already posted them ages ago) so that we can collect tons of data (or add to already collected data) and have ammunition when the odds significantly don’t correlate and it proves to be false advertising…

Oops, did I give them further incentive to not post odds?

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Anecdotally, beginning of this year I sat down and worked out my TC20 5* rate based on how many months I’d run it and how many 5* I had pulled. The result then was between 6-7%. I didn’t record the data though.

It has dropped some since then as I haven’t pulled a 5* from TC20 in a few months now, but it’s always been streaky for me. I went 4 months and then 5 months without a 5* in the past. I also had one month where I pulled 5 5*, two consecutively (4 were red).

5% is pretty close to what I have been experiencing from TC20 overall.

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Hmmm… I suppose the TC20 odds might actually be lower than 5%. I’ve been running at least one at a time for over a year now… managed to pull eight 5* heroes from them, which is far better than I’ve done from the summon portals themselves… but at 5% odds, I should have pulled at least 9… :thinking:

That 5% number is just one I’ve seen thrown around the forum. Never seen any proof or acknowledgment from SG that those are the actual odds. Starting to think that 5% number was just a rough guestimate that someone came up with and spread around until it became generally accepted as being fact.


Could be although seeing graphs shown by players tracking their pulls it seems as I said around 5% give or take…it’s like watching loot teirs in raid tournaments say for tip 10% it’s 25% odds for a 3* mat I’ve watched it and counted sometimes there’s a 3* mat in 4 revolutions sometimes more then 1 but then can go 6-8 Times with 1/2* mats…it’s really RNG in the end…and like I also mentioned I have gotten all my 5* hero’s when least expecting it… so really have just accepted to not expect and Hope for the best and accept the odds

Oh I still like TC20, regardless of whether it’s 5% or 3% or somewhere in between… either way, it’s still free. And my TC20s have completely filled in my vanilla 4* roster, so not complaining. I wish they’d eventually put Atlantis heroes in there too, but… yeah that’s just a pipe dream. :laughing:

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Rush job

SGG liked 2.5%, 5%, and 10%, when Empires first released. This was a rush job.

HotM was not part of original release, so not sure why 1.3%. Never mind, I remember now, CEO Tim loves analytics. Actually probably started with 1.25% and then adjusted upwards while rarity group odds were still unpublished. ( gorram frakking making me have to count heroes in a rarity group for individual hero odds ).

But the largest data collection I know is:


I believe 75/20/5 is more or less accurate. Some would maybe argue that the numbers may have been ninja nerfed since that information was originally tracked, and it does seem like I’ve been waiting longer than usual in between 5* pulls vs. how often I was pulling them a year or so ago, but that could just be normal RNG at work. :man_shrugging:


Still waiting on a HoTM …I’ve done over 100 pulls by now easy but can’t complain I’ve gotten 2 featured costume hero’s 1 5* Avalon at 1% odds and misandra last Atlantis with same odds as HoTM…and justice with an epic token still would be nice to get a HoTM