We need to know all the odds

In a game in which almost every aspect of the game is based on RNG dynamics is not transparent by SG to not give us what we can get! We need to know every odds of what we can get in “coloured” monster chests and every other chests, mystic vision, training camps (especially TC20)
Seems fair to you or i am asking too much?

We kinda know the TC20 odds…5% to get a 5* hero.

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if you knew the odds of a mystic vision, would that change anything? I know the odds on summons are 99% likely I wont get what I want but somehow i keep summoning lol


The odds are 100% that you get a commercial from Mystic Vision.


And maybe as an personal advice - for all things without public odds, like mystic visions etc, it is best to expect nothing and just be happy, if actually something comes around.
Public odds doesn’t change anything, except that some people fool themselves there could be a “chance”, even if they actually know that the possibility is not even worth to think about.


yeah all right but i want to know the official one

You do know this % was based on THOUSANDS of data points taken years ago, right? So if say it’s pretty frickin accurate

i don’t care i know where the % is from but why they don’t told us in first place? i want to know what i could get maybe the complaints for lack of mats will slightly decrease and i will be in peace with this […] game!

If you’re not at peace, why play? Shouldn’t games be relaxing?


I agree with what others have said about nothing changing if you knew the odds. All the loot you get in the game you get for free. No matter how high or low the odds are you’re still going to fill elemental chests and kill titans, etc.

The places where odds are shown are features where you have to spend. People spend money on pulls so the odds are posted. People also spend money on tournament continues so that may be why they provide those odds for us too.


I don’t think there would be less complaints… People complain very frequently about the heros they get or better saying which they don’t get and the odds for them are all public… Wouldn’t be any different with mats.

if it’s relaxing a game where, if you are F2P (but i may say also C2P), you need to wait years for having a very little chance of competing in something we have two different view of what is relaxing

Summoning odds are there and yet there are a continuous rediculous amount of compliants about it.

Most players don’t read the odds to begin with before coming here complaining and then it’s like, what, really, I didn’t know.

Usually in any game an (i) or a (?) means there is something to know there and it’s in one’s best interest to read it and THEN ask questions if they don’t understand it.

Now having said all that, do you really think it would be any different if the odds for everything was there, Personally I doubt it very much.

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It depends on your definition of competing. If competing is consistently being in the top 100 you are highly unlikely to ever do that as F2P.

This game is relaxing if you don’t worry about that and just have fun with it.

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That’s exactly what I said?

if someone is F2P this game stops to be relaxing after, maybe, 6 months then it is monotone.
Competing i mean even completing the 3 stages of an event

I’m not quite F2P but pretty close. I have no trouble finishing any event and haven’t for over a year now. In fact I could finish rare quests and challenge events before I spent a dime.

PS a dime is 10 cents.

Similar data can be found in numerous other forum posts. I can only give you my own personal data tracking summary from 2019. Keep in mind (a) this is a limited dataset and while some categories should be nearing significant sample numbers, others are more rare and may not and (b) SGG can change these at any time- usually for good reason - but not necessarily with a net beneficial result to players - as extra loot mechanisms were introduced (Valhalla coins), or new game features (raid tournament), and (c) My titans were generally 7-10*, A or A+ most common and Raid tournament was often top 10%, 25% or 50%.

I hope you find this helpful, keep chasing those titans!!

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Well said why I’m a big supporter of #dontspend
If you’re not able to keep yourself from summons and getting disappointed over and over that’s called gambling (reference to the person you referenced) all 5* hero’s I’ve gotten were free Free pulls… I’m just finishing TC 20 research and hoping it’ll produce we’ll see… although one thing I’d like to see is possibly letting you use epic tokens in elemental summons… that’d at least give you a free chance at getting a 5* of an element you’d want/need
Stay happy ppl save your money and have fun :heart:


Reveal your secret to me and I will worship you like a god!!!

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