We need round 6 of beta for telluria

Yes there are other posts on balance. But this is a post calling for further testing.

Heroes need to be better tested. The value of their abilities needs to
Be tested.

Please remove tellurias -mana gen, and buff the rest of her kit. Her -mana gen is currently useless and all of your 5 rounds of testing have neither reduced her use in top 100, or let players who had her stay happy, or compensated those players.

SGG you did 100% wrong, now go back to the drawing board and get it right. We need more testing.

@ManiacOfMayhem Telluria’s usage is reduced somewhat. Yes, not 90%, but around 80%. I think it will stabilize on 60% Telluria, and 40% something else.

And many alliances just switched to green, so, they do not want to switch back.

Correct, but since the nerfs to telluria neither evened our the usage, Or left players with the tank they paid to get, no one is happy. If players are satisfied with the nerfs since nothing has actually changed, then why nerf at all?

Which again is why im suggesting a removal of her -mana gen as it is essentially worthless anyway.

There is a post on testing below. Comments can be made here.


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