We need more roster slots

PLEASE consider adding 50 roster slots to everyone’s account. 3* used to be food once you had enough 4* and 5* heroes. With the new 2* and 1* raid tournaments added to the 3* raid tournament, and other game changes, the number of heroes we need to carry on our roster has exploded beyond anything that the current roster size can reasonably accommodate. If I want to build up at least 3 of each element in 1*, 2*, and 3* to be able to compete in the tournaments that’s 45 roster slots. To be able to use mono, that’s 75 roster slots.

I 100% support this. I’m at my max on voting.

We are now provided the opportunity to play 5 different star-exclusive tournaments.

Truthfully, if you want MONO… 25 (5 of each color) * 5 rarities = 125

Then you need room for feeders. at least 20-30 slots.

155 slots for everyone. minimum.

Right now, I am at 154 slots @ level 63 and I have purchased a bunch. (6 or 7 maybe? all of the 50 gem, all of the 100 gem, one of the 150 gem)

I’m C2P and I don’t need space. I got from shop anything I needed. But you are right. Voted.

whats the most amount of hero slots you are allowed or isn’t there a limit?

50 slots may be a bit much to ask but at least 10-20 would be appropriate if we are expected to make room for a 2* and even a 1* team :scream: More slots would be highly appreciated.
Even though I have 209 slots and summons can extend that limit, I often rethink 10x and 30x pulls considering my roster size. If that is keeping players hold off on summoning, it doesn’t seem to be a good business case for SG to keep same limit of roster and keep roster extensions on the same high cost.
Please consider this @Petri
1* and 2* tournaments going on for a week is a bad joke if 95% of all players have to set a team of whatever they can pull in a day and go unleveled

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Adding hero slots based on current levels and then increasing the phase up in additional slots going forward would be reasonable.

I have purchased extra slots along the way. I’m level 68 and have 167 slots. I am holding some duplicate/triplicate 4*, maybe 6 unleveled 5* waiting for hero academy. Not counting those, I have about 12 spots for feeders so I am exactly in the position you describe. I built up a 4* army in every color when wars started. I built up a 3* army for the 3* raid tournament. To increase hero cap is now 150 gems to add 5 more, then it bumps to 200 gems for 5 slots or so I’m told. The number of heroes we need to hold onto has greatly increased, the number of roster spots provided has not, and it should be adjusted. 5 -10 hero slots isn’t going to help much.

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I fully agree, costumes are coming too and some may want to have both an original and costumed hero for war etc. Personally I don’t want to spend my gems on continues hero cap increase. It is a challenge just holding on to a top team on a budget, spending all on hero summons.

I completely agree. There have been added so many things that drive towards needing more heroes.

I fully support this suggestion…They should give us extra slots might not be up to 50 though…

You read my mind sista! This exactly what I was thinking of. SG please consider this!!!

I find myself currently with 2 spare slots now that I’ve saved some feeders for the 2* tournament. They will be freed up once the tournament ends and I feed them away, but I will run into this again any time there is a 2* or 1* tournament in the future. Plus I am currently not really able to level up my 4* and 5* projects. I am F2P and already bought all the 50-gem slots I could. Extra slots would be very handy if 1* and 2* tournaments are going to be a thing.

I totally support this idea. More 50 roster slots whould be a great way of SG promote 2* and 1* tournament and costumes.

Terrific idea considering at a minimum, we currently need 20 roster spots for our Raid tournament hero’s.

And where do you get enough troops worth anything for 2* and 1* battles. I fed those long ago.

I agree! At the moment I only have 5 spare slots available out of 128. It makes it a pain to lvl up or even farm without stopping and feeding them away.

I agree as well, especially now with the new 1 and 2* tournaments.

In addition, increased cap space shouldn’t keep increasing in cost. SG wants people to keep pulling heroes, which is already done by spending in most cases, and then you have to spend more to have enough room… Little over the top to keep increasing cost of cap increases.

I’m a hoarder, I have 320 available slots. I bought a ton. But I’m very short now having to save duplicate heroes for the hero academy as well as these tournaments

@Dim why do we need to save duplicates for the Hero Academy? I’m not there yet but close.

I also totally agree we NEED more slots. Like all of you, I’ve also used gems for extra slots. Especially since we now have 1* & 2* tournaments :woman_facepalming:t2:

@Aphrodite1 your supposed to be able to trade in duplicate heroes for ones you do not have, at some type of conversion rate. Either later this year or early next year.

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Sounds reasonable to increase the free slots.
50 is too much tho.

Maybe one slot per every 2-3 Level.


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