We need more competition and variety of heroes played, and a tiered raiding system is the solution!

Bear with me, this is a long post!

I am at a point in the game where I have a strong team, a solid back up team, and over 30 heroes at either 2-50 or 3-60 (or above) for a formidable war team. I am content with my roster and though I haven’t gotten any 5* heroes in a long time, I am still playing. Though, my spirits are starting to drain. I am at a point where I don’t ever expect to get any more 5* heroes due to ■■■■■■ odds (while also being FTP), I can’t ascend the heroes waiting, and I play the same exact levels to farm over and over and over again. Though, I keep my head up high (barely) and keep playing.

What is truly making me lose spirit is the lack of unique strategies and diverse competitive tiers. I am starting to loathe raids because I use the same team (with one or two variations) on repeat. I don’t have the ability to change up my team or test out new teams unless I am willing to drop a ■■■■ ton of cups. I love war because it gives me the ability to try out new heroes in new team orientations but that only occurs two times a week. I love when raid tournys are limited to 3* or 4* heroes because it forces me to use heroes I never get to use. I am SO LUCKY to have Guin, but it gets boring playing with her for every single match every day.

Tangent (though it does connect), I have always been competitive with pokemon and I have played on Pokemon Showdown for almost 6-7 years now. If pokemon had only one tier to compete in – then you’d see the same pokemon over and over and it wouldn’t be fun. That’s basically what E&P has turned in to. Luckily for Pokemon, there are a ■■■■ ton of tiers to compete it! You can compete in little cup (all first evolution heroes), NU, RU, UU, OU, Ubers, and the list goes on to a bunch of different formats. I get to constantly use and play against different pokemon constantly.

What would really KEEP ME invested in E&P is if they increased the competitive aspect of the game to a variety of tiers. Why can’t we open the raid icon and find 5 chests available? You can compete and fill chests in either Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond. Lets also be real, its so rare to get anything good in a chest, does it really matter to have a few more? We are just going to get ham/iron and arrows anyways. Plus it still takes 40 heroes to fill each one which still takes awhile. Each tier can have a specific range for team power to compete in. For example, if you have a team power of 2950 then you compete in Gold, but if you have team power of 3100 then you are competing in Platinum since 3000 is the limit for the Gold tier (just an example, haven’t thought of the actual team power ranges for each tier yet).

This could completely revolutionize the game in terms of strategy and player base. It will force players to come up with the best strategies for 2* teams, 3* teams, 4* teams, etc. Or maybe the best strategy for a Gold cup is one 5* at 2-50 and the rest are 4* at 3-60? Who knows? That is for the metagame to decide what strategies work best and what doesn’t. I have so many 4* heroes that I NEVER use and don’t even get to make it into war sometimes but I think they are super interesting and would love to test out. I sure as hell can’t test out a Gobbler in my diamond raids cause I would lose everytime and get kicked out of diamond cup.

Also, how many times do you finish a raid chest and you leave those 6/6 raid flags there all day and unused because you don’t have any need for them cause you don’t want to lose more cups if you lose? Now you can use those extra raid flags towards other tiers and try to work out a new 3* team strategy and make the leaderboards for Bronze cup.

I get bored with the same old 5* heroes, I want to make leaderboards for having the best strategy of a 2* team or the best 3*/4* mixed team.

Tl;dr We need a more competitive gameplay that allows different tiers of leaderboards that allows you to use a greater variety of heroes. Pokemon is a fantastic example of how you can be skilled, competitive, and strategic while battling 1st evolution pokemon in a specific tier. E&P needs to be more like that.


That would be pretty cool I have so many leveled heroes than even in war they don’t make it off the bench. Being able to alter teams accordingly to tiers would be a new interesting wrinkle in the game. Well done

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Raid tournaments are already kind of doing what you’re suggesting, but I understand that what you want is a tiered system, free of the defeats and matchmaking woes, or better put:

It’d be interesting to see for sure if there were different levels to fill. I doubt it’ll happen though.

Like I said in the post, I love when raid tournys have 3* or 4* restrictions cause it creates a new dynamic you are not used to and have to quickly find the best strategy. But that is just once a week, only a specific amount of flags/day, and there is no real competitive element.

Raid tournys is the cheap great value brand version of a tiered system.

I don’t remember where I read this, but will be a sneak peek at the end of this year. About something that requires collective effort in an alliance. Beside titan and war… So probably next year we will have more variety.

Sounds like you have too much time on your hands TBH.

Many in competitive alliances find it already difficult to manage the daily titan hunt, wars twice a week, the raid tournament, daily farming and raiding, the monthly challenge event, the monthly Atlantis Rising event, and the seasonal events, and you are asking for more?!

There is only so much time I can spend playing this game while at work :smiley: And for now, my gf shows some understanding when I tell her that a new titan spawned and I have to help my alliance in the hunt. Same goes for wars, but I don’t really want to test her limits :stuck_out_tongue:

I kicked my gf from alliance few months ago. Now is my ex-gf :rofl:

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Well this would ideally replace the entire raid and raid tourney system so it’s more of a complete rework of what we already have rather than a brand new play function

How about a last Hero standing tournament? You can use all current heros in your possession. Round Robin double elimination event. (Loose all 5 heros twice your out or maybe 3 times offensive or defensive). You can re use each Hero as long as they were not wiped out in a previous battle. Once they are out you must replace them, for defensive purposes if you have 1 or 2 heros knocked out from an attack the system will automatically replace them from available heros still alive in your control but you can adjust this once your online and add or change any hero in an offensive or defensive team as long as they have not been killed in the tournament. Each hero not killed is returned to full strength so unlike the wars you are not facing a team with only 1 hero left that is 90% depleted from somebody else. It’s always 5 on 5 and it’s the best 5 heros you have left against their best chosen 5 they have available.


My guess is it will be implemented a sort of tournament for alliances, since they announced will be another thing that will require a collective effort. I can’t wait for the sneak peek at the end of this year.

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