We need healer for barbarians and rogue

Make a red barbarian which heals per round and make Fire per round, like morgan le fayes ability. Instead of bite, fire. no Need for Direct damage, because he heal his companions. We need a healer as a barbarian.

Make a rogue which Hits 3 enemies, and gain HP from hit for himself and for his nearby Allies. Maybe purple or yellow

Not all have healers. I beat the dark lord without a healer - game was not kind to me, unless you count Friar Tuck. Items are your friend. And heck, these heroes have more strength so attack items are not as necessary.

It would be nice to see a damage dealer that heals nearby or all for x/x% damage.

A rouge healer dont need to be damage, could be more supportish. Like give dodge and either heal over time or just heal.

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