We need another Wu Kong in a different element

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We need another hero with Wu Kong-like special abilities as a different element so that people like myself who primarily prefer a rainbow team and like the hero are no longer doomed to never use any of our other Holy heroes.

Also, my alliance’s current rare Titan is resistant to Holy. With none of us using Wu Kong, the lower battle scores is obvious.

It is an interesting debate, to be sure.

@Duaneski introduced a proposal to nerf Wu, with some thoughtful and passionate opinions on both sides

(Wu Kong needs a new haircut (NERF WK?))

And I have suggested an item that replicates his effect to a lesser degree called the Monkey Banner.


So, it is an issue on people’s minds. I know that ramming Pulveriser comes in a range of delicious flavours, but I’d like a more creative response from SG than simply adding Blu Kong.

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It could be something like Kirill-Boldtusk is, same but slighty different.

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Ive always been an advocate of a “monkey flag” for those who do not have Wu. Maybe a 5* hero with a similar effect is in order in the coming months :thinking:


a.k.a. Another hero I will never gain full access to, either has a HoTM and/or a regular hero but never being able to find the items needed to ascend to the last tier! :laughing:

I already hate that wu kong exists. He’s the only mandatory hero in the game - your titan damage without him is just not the same. My advice for any mistakes like wu kong: don’t replicate them.


You viewpoint will change when you acquire Wu Kong

Are you talking to Wharflord, cause if you do - lol :joy:

btw - a 5 star equivalent of Wu will be a terrible idea.


I agree a 5* version of Wu is a terrible idea for the general population. Why do I say this? Because it would be come the most have hero, yet only a few ppl will be able to get them. It would just be another step in making this game even worst as a p2w game

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Yeah. . . I have Wu Kong. I use him for titans and events because no one else comes close to matching his potential damage - and that’s the problem. In a game already based on the luck of the boards, having such a powerful hero who is also RNG dependent takes too much control out of the player’s hands. You can’t win epic events or deal 60k+ damage to a titan without him. I understand how powerful he is, I just hate that everyone HAS to use him to do well.


Similar as in more like a brienne with higher stats

For variety’s sake, I think there should be at least a 4* green version of Wu Kong as that would help balance out damage-increasing buffs/debuffs among all 5 colors.

That being said, I also think that GS should not stack with other attack buffers like Boldtusk/Kiril to help with game balance and diminish the need-to-have nature of Wu Kong. That’s a much harder sell, though! :smile:

I respectfully, but wholeheartedly disagree. Wu Kong’s unpredictability is one of the few elements that makes the wash-rinse-repeat-every-single-day-for-a-year part of the game interesting.

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I was against another Wu Kong but some good points were raised, specifically it keeps you from using other yellow heroes. However, it’s not the only unique trait. Similarly, there is a discussion about 5* healers. Slightly different as 4* exists but similar. There are other unique traits out there.

Wu Kong is an attainable hero for all and his special enhances tile damage (at a cost of accuracy) like no other hero. I don’t think that is bad at all. I’m sure if the Developers create a 5* version it will be coveted. I wouldn’t think it would be any different than Guinevere… she is the absolute best tank right now on defense, but she is only attainable with either extreme luck or money.

I like the Monkey flag idea. :wink:

It took me 14 months to get him. I shudder to think how the lack would affect someone with worse luck…

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