We need a hero that makes us drool

I have read several post from beta players stating “We give feed back on Hero’s to keep them balanced and from being OP”. Well let me tell you every once in a while the scales need to be tipped and balance slightly thrown off. We all yearn for that truly Legendary hero that is slightly OP/Slightly unbalanced like Guin. We need a hero that makes us drool and we hate to go against but would dream to have.

All the hero’s now are average, balanced, and just plain not exciting. Not saying they’re bad but just typical.


Do you have all the new heros?

I’m pretty exited about my new Panther and my new Mok Arr. Quite exited about Aegir as well although been told its bad so many times, my excitement has diluted a bit with him. Oh and I’m exited about the guardian owl too. Going to level him and put him in the def team just for spite :wink:


Resisting the urge to respond lol


Title editted to reduce the chances of a section of the player base being labelled or accused.

Maybe :crossed_fingers:

After all the recent debates over heroes being unbalanced, it’s curious to see an argument for things being TOO balanced.

Anyway… constructive and civil - enjoy


While it could be true that we all wish for powerful heroes I doubt we need a game to become more unbalanced.



Constrictive? I dont wanna choke the OP…yet lol jk

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I take it as i do a good work in beta.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Guin and Alberich is likely before many Beta testers became Beta testers so they slip through the cracks of the game. and have been nerfed maybe not enough. But if ur saying its the beta testers fault ur wrong. only the DEVs have the power they only listen to half of the BTesters suggestions. and if u want a bland boring game I suggest you come up with ideas. or kindly very kindly gtfo just find another game.

Many OP heroes are just the decisions of the Developers


Stealing this

20 characters…

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Clearly a Freudian slip :joy:

Stuffs python back in sack

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Guin is guin. Alby isn’t nearly the threat he once was in my opinion.

saying for the sake of ppl who don’t have him. they don’t know how SH_IT he is and now with all the fire heroes burning him alive. he needs a buff in my opinion a tiny buff. maybe fire reflect lol

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I think all the fast and very fast mana populating the game is what killed alby. When he first came out there were only 5 fast mana 5* if i recall correctly

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Last thing i want to see in the game is an OP hero.

There are plenty of heros i wish i had and i consider none of them OP

I will add that i hate underpowered hero. True every hero cant be good. But every hero should have some value. We all know who those examples are but I’ve yet to see any solid ideas including my own, that help improve them


No OP heroes maybe buff or change some heroes skills and stats.

the heroes already buff needs no more buffing.

and heroes nerfed like Alberich mana gen can revert back and given a buff. and other heroes alike that were nerfed.

glass heroes like wukong can change stats like take atk stat and buff his defense.

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Wu bein soft makes sense because of his upside in my opinion.

1 hero that needs fixed in that regard: sir lancelot

Nerfed his mana but didnt adjust his stats. Now he’s an average mana who dies before his special goes off and he doesnt have the upside wu does

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Yes I was lucky enough to get most of them.

How are they?

I’ve already seen vidoes and complaints to follow about inari

I’m not asking for a whole on slaught of OP hero’s just one or 2. Guin is literally the talk of the game because she remains OP. There’s no better pull than Guin. Her nostalgia drives the upper echelon of the game as most top tier players have or want Guin. I’m saying don’t nerf the heck out of every player to the point of being just good.

Can we get just one more Great Hero. Alberich and Grace maker are very very good but fall short of great. Throw another Nostalgic hero out there. Victor was “almost” that hero but fell victim to being nerfed

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