We need 8 or 10 war flags

It would be a neat feature to increase war flags. What are your thoughts?

I don’t mind either way to be honest. But two sets of three feels about right to me.
Think of all the complaints if people got ten war flags and only used a couple … now that really would mess up the war scores


More flags and faster chest fills, I’m down.

7 flags for the home team and away team picks tank colour. Double points for one shots using an attack team that contains only classic heroes. Lose a third of all attack points if your defence team features Guin, Kunch or Telluria or anyone else I don’t have. Double points for stacking weak against the tank and gurning for the entire battle…


This made me laugh :rofl:

No joke, I demand gurning for double points! :wink:

so you need 50 heroes in war??? ehhh nope


Yeah no this will only lead to harder requirements for new players and weaker final fights. 3+3 is the sweet spot.

Also it wouldn’t help any chest filling since war attacks don’t contribute to chests

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Possibly an option at later stages, If they start tiering alliances. Beginners will struggle much more to accumulate 10-20 more heroes. That said, for the experienced, it may give their extensive rosters more use. Would only think about this in a tiered approach.

Similar to Raids with Silver, Bronze, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. A Diamond alliance gets maximum flags, Platinum -1 and so forth. Can then also increase the rewards on war wins and war chests. Would also give incentive to fill up alliances and be part of active alliances instead of staying in your one person alliance or dead alliances where the leader has been AWOL for 295 days. Only con, trainer alliances will have less incentive to train up newbies. I.e. New alliances will mostly be newbies leading newbies.

Then again, maybe not. People don’t tend to rush to join top alliances even though the titan loot is much better. Would love to know your thoughts?

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No, no, no. Totally unnecessary.

[This reply is also valid for next weeks new thread with the exact same request]

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anyone else feel like we should have the option to add additional war flags? Instead of 6 teams, make it 7-9 overall.

Or, have to play one defense for first half and use different heroes for a second defense in the second half. Makes the entire strategy of the game different and creates excitement

Just some thoughts. Feel free to post yours

If they drastically increase emblems, I’m game

No. Simply no. The war is stressful as is.

If they in fact moved to requiring a “first half, second half, defense…it would shake up how we emblem our heroes and craft strategy.

That to me would make the strategy super intriguing. And would likely drive up their sales.

I do think that some emblem changes could be coming with alchemy lab that could offset such a change.

May be dependent on overall alliance score too, to offset for small beginning alliances

Okay, how about 6 regular flags and 2 cleaner flags where you can only hit team with less than 5 heros.

no bad idea , war is nothing fun about it

Most of us in the top 100 in terms of war score now have way too many 5s heroes maxed to use them all in war (30+). Sometimes with a substitute of a 4* like rigard, jackal, or falcon there’s even more 5s that go unused. How about gives 4 flags per round for higher teams based on their top 40 heroes so we can actually use everything that’s leveled?

  1. Wouldn’t that be an additional chore for you elite players and alliances?

  2. Wouldn’t that be too much exclusivity to elite alliances and players?

  3. Wouldn’t that be unfair to those outside the top 100 teams who unluckily got pitted to the bottom 10-20 of the top 100 alliance since they have fewer flags than those in the top100 teams?

Just asking…


Obviously both teams get 4 flags per round if either does. But matching is supposed to match similar teams so if you have a high war score to move up you need to be able to effectively use all flags. Otherwise don’t move up which is perfectly fine just it is now

I see. I just thought that those in the high platinum also has the chance to raid those in the low diamond. At any rate, i am happy i dont belong to the top dogs so i wont get tired of the extra war flags required for me to use.

Good luck with your request and godspeed.

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