We need 7 teams on list

Hi, In war we need 7 teams because we can use a team only once and have 6 rounds…

Then, why just can assign 5 teams on list of heroes? That’s not useful.

We need to assign 7 or more, for the teams that will be used on mission (the beginner mode, with 3 stars)

Need at least 7 teams, 6 the most stars possible, and 1 more for a 3 stars team for the begginers mode.

(Sorry about my english, is not my mother language)

The idea of adding more teams is not good or useful. A smart way to play E&P is not being strictly focused on just one team but changing it depending on what you’re playing against (the type of titan, your raid enemy’s heroes and so on).
A team you use on Avalon event should be different than Pirates. Blue titan team should be different than green one.
5 teams as we have it now is enough. You can arrange them so you have 1 team slot for titans (that you change depending on what kind of titan you’re facing), 1 slot for defense team, 1 slot for farming/map progress, 1 team for raids (that, again - you change depending on what kind of heroes you’re coming up against). 1 last team spot can be used for whatever you please.

BTW this idea has been discussed many times before and it’s highly unlikely that it’d be put into the game.


You say yourself that teams change depending on what we come across. Having at least 6 teams because of war makes sense. Also one 3* team for events. Teams could be added with levels.

If not more teams, simple holding teams that we cant switch between, but like teams would be unavailable to feed from, for organizing purposes, would be nice.

If it is an issue that continues to be raised, perhaps it should be one that should be looked at again. You assume everyone wants to use the teams like you suggest. Your way might make sense once one has multiple leveled teams, but to start? I’ve found it easier to go by color except for my first team, just so I can see what I have.

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Yes, it has been discussed often and yes, it is not really necessary… apparently, many people have a problem putting together a team as needed and would rather use a pre-assigned team, even if it not in their best interest. You can lead a horse to water…