We need 3 more ppl in our alliance Vengeance oFthe Faithful please join us and have fun growing together

Come and join our alliance and have fun as long as your hiting the titan an use ur flags in war

Do you think it would be helpful if you actually named the alliance? :wink:


Yes thank you our alliance name is Dragons of justice

The alliance is probably so famous that you don’t need to ask :grin:

That we are :wink: We are a very laid back alliance that is looking to help people grow in game while also having fun chatting and hanging out. Hope to see people swing by to try and grow with us.

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Hello we are an active team at The League of Eternity we are looking to grow and help one another while having fun playing the game. We are active in wars and titans as well as enjoing raids and see how high you can go but of course trophy pushing is not what we expect you to do just having fun competting in our alliance. We welcome anyone small to big and we would love to help you learn somethings and also we are happy to learn new things from you. So again please come join us and have fun playing the game together as a team