We need 13* and 14* titans--unfair advantage for top alliances

SG, it is way past time to bring back 13* and 14* titans.

Not because alliances can kill them, but because alliances CAN’T kill them (easily). Consider this:

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For reference, I’m currently in an alliance that can kill two, maybe three 12* titans back to back … but at that point we need a rest titan to recover flags. I could look for the actual average, but I’m going to say we average killing 5 titans then let one go.

1/6 of our titans is an escape which gives worthless loot, especially compared to a 11* or 12* titan kill! And nothing for the titan chest.

If I was in an alliance of people who could spam 12* titans continuously, I’d get about 16% more loot, just because there are no rest titans.

If bigger titans were restored, the top alliances would have to do titan management like … well … every other alliance in the game, from ones at my level down to an alliance of players in their first week fighting 1* titans.

It wouldn’t completely take away from top alliances–Killing 12* / 13* titans would be better loot than killing 11* / 12* titans. Killing 13* / 14* would be a notch better than that. I’m fine with this–this difference is earned.

OTOH, the lack of rest titans for top alliances is effectively a big free gift to those top alliances.

(Geez, I should shut up about this. I’m almost strong enough to be there / my alliance is almost strong enough to go there, and now I’m trying to talk SG into taking it away. Sigh. Where’s my greedy self-interest. :rofl:)


I and several others complained about this in both beta and once it was removed, but the big spenders get to call the shots in this game


To be clear. I’m not saying that this “advantage” that top alliances have is even something they WANT.

I’ve been chatting with a few …uhm… irate members of top alliances, and what I’m hearing from them is that they want 13* and 14* titans back. Maybe the loot is enough better to want to get back into the titan pass cycle like the rest of us. (I don’t know; I’ve never fought a 13* titan, so I’ve got no idea what the loot is like!)

I might be wrong–maybe this is a DISADVANTAGE for them to be out of the titan pass cycle instead of an advantage.

But either way, advantage, or disadvantage, I believe that alliances maxing out on titan size is a bad idea, and it is time to restore bigger titans.


I agree with @BarryWuzHere. The point of the game is to be challenged. As you grow, the challenge increases. People sitting comfortably is an indicator that the challenge is not there in one facet at least.


Bring back 13-14* titans :+1:


Yes, infinite streak of titans down suppose to not happen, but top players and top alliances vote in beta to remove 13* and 14* before because they were “too hard”.

I honestly think that top players were not very fair in that topic.
The only time when i honestly see something wrong going on.


I was dumbfounded at their removal in the first place.

“Remove these titans because we don’t want to fight them” is just pretty funny. SG should have just told them to pass on them like every other alliance.

Not to mention how hard some of the top alliances went against mercing and claimed they had an unfair advantage by claiming killed titan loot daily. Then some of those same alliances turned around and wanted 13/14* titans removed so they could have the same advantage they just complained about.

It was a selfish strategy and in no way was it about the good of the game in any way, shape, or form.

No alliance should be able to sit at the top titan level and not have to worry about having to use titan flasks or passing to save hits for the next. There should always be a next level that an alliance has to call a pass on.

“There’s not enough competition in the ranks of the top 5 alliances, just boils down to who killed their 12* titan when”

“It gets boring killing 12s day in and day with no real challenge left or no concern about what titan is coming next”

Are both complaints I’ve heard multiple times since the removal of the “too hard titans”. So it would be in those player’s favors as well.


I have always said there should be no cap on titan level. No alliance should be able to streak them endlessly. Never understood why there is one. I would love to see stronger ones implemented in the very near future.


This game isn’t a democracy—it’s a benevolent dictatorship, with all shots called by SGG. People don’t get votes; rather, they express opinions, sometimes (shockingly) even backed by facts and reasoning.

That said, I do agree that it’s time to unleash the dragons. With new heroes like Tarlak and Evelyn, 12* can easily be brought down by senior alliances with just minor items (e.g. antidotes and axes).


You are right, that’s absolutely not a democracy.
But they usually change something (if they want to change it) following the imput of beta testers.
If no beta tester said that 13* and 14* titans are “too hard” and “require too much items” Small Giant probably never cancel them in the first place.
Why do it? They work and invest time for it.

I’m sorry, but this one i can’t blame Small Giant.
They make new titans and new content for all the player database, and it was some beta testers that reject that content pushing again for this unfair situation (that was exactly the reason to make new titans in the first place)

Many times i defended top players from beta unfair accusations, but this time i can’t help to feel it was their fault.

And they know it from the start it will end like this.
They just take advantage from it, as they don’t want to let titan escape as all the other “normal” alliances.

They decide for their own benefit something that pretty much involve only them.
And i don’t like it.


Not something I thought about before, but I tend to agree with the OP and other posters…We are generally top 100 or close, and it takes a full-on effort to down a 12*, sometimes needing flasks.

And after two we generally need to pass as we have depleted resources, which causes us to drop back down to an 11* or even a 10* on the next one up. That affects the loot received for all of us in the group.

It is frustrating, especially when we see the videos of the big guys killing them in minutes! And I would think not much of a challenge for them at this point…and the challenge is part of the fun in this game.

I don’t know if my group is ready to handle a 13* or 14*, but it won’t be long and we could sure give it a try! I believe a lot of other groups feel the same from what I have seen posted here and from talking to other players.

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Everyone needs to remember that 13* and 14* were released to the general public for a little while. If you go back you can see how many of the top alliances complained about 13* and 14* required expensive items and they couldn’t beat every single one (the shock that they have to be like everyone else)


I’ve been thinking about this… And I just can’t really get worked up over it. If SG wants to reintroduce 13 and 14 star titans, cool. If not, I’m fine with it.

Is it really that bad for different parts of the game to have an end-state? Is it unfair that I can easily finish the rare quests when a lower level player might not be able to get the rare mats from it? As far as I’m concerned, if the top alliances are benefiting from being able to consistently defeat 12 star titans, good for them, they’ve earned it.

And for the record, my alliance is on 10 star titans, so I’m not benefiting from this.


If there was no content avalaible… yes, i agree.

But considering that there was that content (that Small Giant made exactly for that purpose), and themself rather vote for having a stalemate instead, i do not agree.

It was simply beneficial for them NOT having 13* and 14* titans.
Not too hard, but less appealing for all the rest.

While I agree with your premise, the idea that these titans need added in to draw top alliance in loot with alliances facing 7* titans having to let go the 8-9* titans doesn’t stand up very well - owing of course to the already existing discrepancy in loot between a 7* and 12* titan.

So what if we are losing 16% loot by having to let 1/6 go when we are already down 20% by averaging 5* fewer …

That sorta argument.

That said.

If the game devs and top alliances want 13* back, then it doesn’t impact me at all and I honestly don’t care either way lol. Bring em back.

But I don’t at all agree that this decision should be impacted by loot discrepancies between those top elite alliances and lesser alliances.

This game is not a benevolent anything. It’s more like a collusion between SG and top players. SG tries to keep the top players happy, top players are (mostly) happy, then the non-top players erroneusly think the game is good because (most) top players are content. Then the non-top players spend their money thinking that they too will get to the top. The fact is thinly veiled tricks like removing the 13* and 14* increased the gap between top players and non-top players. 13* and 14* titans were removed to make the lazy top players happy (not saying all of them are lazy). They’ll be back when the players that matter will be able to kill the all 14* titans without skipping.

I think something that wasnt on the topic is that it wasnt worth to kill 13*-14* because of loot. The life was 1 million more than e 12* so you either used flasks or more items and you can run out of itens. Right now you are not killing 1/6 of the titans, but if you introduce, the way it was 13-14 you would have to spent more flasks or tornados, timestops for nothing else much and after skipping you would kill 2-4 12* titans and probably you would skip again because it wont be worth it.

The point is that maybe you are killing 1/6 more, but you can look at some situations, after getting to 13*-14* that you would pass after 1/3 or 1/4 of the titans.

Do you know how sometimes you feel about rare titan, that you kill it and nobody gets nothing? The frustation killing 13*-14* is intensified and almost daily.

In fact I record only once getting a bonus ascension item from a Rare Titan since its launch


So killing 13 and 14* are not worth the items for doing it?
Thats exactly the same complaint other alliances do for 12*, or 11*, or 10* and so on. Thats exactly like any other alliance.

You can take down a titan, spending flask and great items and do not gain anything. That’s the risk for all of us.

Why they have to be any different?
You want to be the top alliance? You take down it on your own risk and cost.
You don’t want? Stay in 12* zone and let them pass.



12* vs 14* titans is an interesting trade off. On the one hand, top alliances can kill every 12* titan that comes their way, but only 5 players (A+, A) get 4 ascension mat slots. 14*s are much harder, but give 4 ascension slots to everyone who gets a C or higher. Therefore the number of rolls for a non-farmable mat increases from 95 to 120+ (I don’t remember if anyone can get 5 slots from a 14). That’s a 26% increase in ascension mats, and an even larger increase in rare mats assuming that the chance per slot increases as well. Therefore the loot is equivalent between killing every 12 and 3/4 14s.

That being said, I think that the 14s are still too strong, and not worth the increase loot. It’s one thing for them to have 5+ million hp, it’s another thing for them to one-shot even the tankiest heroes in the game. That requires constant use of expensive battle items just to stop your heroes from dying, which costs far more than the titans pay out.


The difference is that the tools exist in the game for any player and any alliance to kill 12*s infinitely. Those tools do not exist for 14s, even with the introduction of talents. Upcoming alliances can aspire to go infinite on 12s, but introducing 14s as they are right now would remove that possibility.