We need 10 motivated players

Dawn of War
After a recent purge, we are looking for like minded players. We like to hit the titans as much as we can (we had been up to 12* before purging) and although war is optional, if you’re on the field you need to stick to our strategy, and use all flags.
We use discord, and have lots of info and tips over there. We have 20 players at the moment, we would like to take on a couple more at a time, unless there’s a small group who already play together, and need somewhere to call home.
All our new people have said at some point “this is what I wanted, people who actually play, talk to each other and have fun”
Come join us!

8-7 season 1 is a great place for finding recruits!


Im looking to move after this war. I don’t want to leave current teammates right before a war starts. Tp is 3900

Same tbh. Looking at Guardians Reborn. Full of unmotivated players just waiting to be thrown out.

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