We may need a new “who is crocked now” Topic

Seems to have been quite a few illness related posts recently.

Last night I had chest pain, breathlessness snd collapsed (and no I had not just pulled Malosi)

Blue lighted to local hospital A&E and somehow shocked back into action. Touch snd go apparently.

Diagnosed with pulmonary embolism. Now full of drugs and tubes and wires everywhere.

Upside is I have a private room until they decide I’m not carrying Covid, and then I’ll be back on general “green” ward.

Damn, I nearly lost my 1000+ day Duolingo streak, and I’m pretty much shot for Path of Valor.

My wife packed spectacles, phone, charger and toothbrush for me … so all life’s essentials really and of course she’s not allowed to visit.

Stay safe everyone!


Dang…real shame about Path of Valor.

Just kidding lol Hope you feel better. Any kind of embolism is bad. Did they put you on blood thinners?


Take care.

20 life extending wishes.

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Feel better soon! Kudos for maintaining a sense of humor through this all.

Be careful the Duolingo Owl doesn’t tap on your door…

Seriously, get well soon. Wishing you the best.


@Steve9999, Hi, I hope you get well soon. !!


That is some legendary level understatement!

Look after yourself dude.

Hopefully you can use those emblemisms on a Pulmonary class hero :thinking:

Silver lining


Wishing you a full and speedy recovery. You stay safe. Take care


I have a nurse called Valeria. She doesn’t look anything like her hero card. But she’s a dab hand with the morphine!


Sincerely, This is what I got out of that. What an impressive feat.

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Googles symptoms…

“Sudden death is the initial sign of the condition in up to 25% of cases.”

Worst… symptom… ever…

Glad you’re ok!


Glad you pulled through! Take care of yourself.


Scary. I am glad to hear you are not worse. Please update us when you are able. In your honor, I have made you a Star Wars meme.



Thanks for all your good wishes.

Am still in hospital, but nurse Vivica seems to be gradually kicking in with the healing. She has definitely been nerfed to Very Slow though.

Just hope I don’t need Dr Alby’s revive trick again!

Have not been able to play, so Path of Valour is a write off now.

On the upside, had 3 negative covid tests.

Stay safe everyone


Get well. Thinking of you.

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WOW so glad you got through that ok. Take care and be safe.

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Sending you lots of positive energy and good wishes. So glad to hear you’re in good hands! Take care of yourself.

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Just a quick update for all you lovely, caring people.
I got out of hospital late Wednesday evening, and am now convalescing at home.
The hospital seemed desperate to pin my Pulmonary Embolism on COVID, despite 3 negative tests!
Lucky to have my wife at home, as she can’t work at the moment due to lockdown.

Thanks to all in my Alliance for sticking by me, and especially to @Mr.Spock for taking over my alliance “featured message” duties.

I still can’t work up the strength/enthusiasm to raid, or do Valhalla map stages, so it’s autoplay and loot tickets all the way for a while yet.
Maybe Clarissa will be able to get me interested again soon.

Stay safe.

P.s. I am in the U.K. … so HUGE love and thanks to the NHS! Awesome.


Wow! You certainly downplayed things in the alliance chat :fearful:

The old “stiff upper lip“? Well I’m glad Alby came to the rescue!

Welcome home mate, and take good care :slight_smile:


What a classic E&P post!! “Good news I’m not dying…Can auto farm, so things can’t be so bad…”

OMG. :joy:

EDIT: that is not an actual quote!!! It was paraphrasing.


@Steve9999 thanks for the link to this thread!! I’m glad to hear you are on the mend… those sounded like scary times for sure.

Take care. :yellow_heart:

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