We Make Dik Diks seeks Level 20+

We are a sister alliance to The Dik Dik Machine. Our rules are more relaxed and a re a great training ground for someday transitioning to the main alliance or staying here if you like. Check us out and give us a try. We are small but solid and run by experienced leadership. Not Doing anything but getting better. Currently on 5 stars.

He y’all. Check us out. We are small but here to stay. We would also be happy to bring over a small alliance into this sister organization. Just LINE me or ask to join.

We would also like to Merge with another alliance. We cannot merge into you but we can accept you into ours since we are a sister created to someday be a stepping stone to the main alliance The Dik Dik Machine. Your leader and coleader can have a coleader position and if we are all working for a common goal can lead this alliance.

My LINE ID is @parsleyeatsmeat

Hey. We could still use you. We are a friendly alliance that works well with real life commitments.

Recently several members transitioned to our main alliance. They have been awesome additions. Help We Make Dik Diks get strong.

Friendly laid back alliance

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