We lost the war and the war ponts were increased

On this weekend our war pontuation was increased despite we lost it. And the pontuation from our enemy was decreased despite they won. What is happening?

What do you mean by pontuation?

The war scores changing could be due to any number of things like heroes being levelled, emblemed, troops etc… Or players joining / leaving alliances or simply a new player opting in vs. out.

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Also, war score includes a performance factor based on your last 20 wars. If the 20th war result was a loss and was replaced by the newest result which is a loss then the war performance factor will be unchanged. Then it comes down to any hero / troop leveling that has been done.

I’ve seen wars where our war score went down after a win. Later realized someone had opted out.

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Hi Guvnor,

This is second time that we receveived enemies with high score and after the wars, our score is increased even losing.

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