We joined The Calm but thank you everybody

Update - We have joined an alliance now. Thank you

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My wife and I are looking for a new alliance. Both teams around 5000 and at 2600 trophies. We fight all titans and in all wars.

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what level players r u 2 ?

Check out the Empire Cafe. We currently have spots for you. Do you have LINE?

Yeshuas army has spots for you and your wife. We are a Christian based alliance with a really good group of people. We are chill but do ask for people to use their war flags if they opt in.

Check out Red or Ted. My alliance will be merging in after we fill our war chest, which will either be after Wednesday (if we win) or after Sunday for sure!

I’d love to join my alliance, we need guys like to courage the members for earn trophies and also join in the war

Feel free to check out A World of 《Pain》

If you are interested, please contact our leader Sundance777 on Line.

Check out The Calm… 12-13 star titans, war tank coordination. Only requirements are to hit the titan regularly, use war flags if opted in. We do Free For All war strategy. Members range from 4100tp to 5100tp.

I am level 47 and she is 51. I have 20 maxed out 5* and 15 maxed out 4*. I have 3 or 4 really good War teams. We are both only 6 months in but have decent teams and spend on specialty summons

The Calm looks pretty ideal. What is the process to join?

I’d say look up the alliance name in game , knock on their door and ask to join.

We are currently open, just jump on in… As long as you’re here to have fun, kill titans and use flags :slight_smile:


Join Clan Clan. We have 27 players all active and strong. We use all flags in War. The boss is Jake the Giant. We don t have a lot of rules, only use all flags. This will not be a second job for you. Join us!

When I search it just shows view team. Do I need to leave my current alliance first and then I’ll see join options?

Yeah probably, let me know if you want to join so I’m ready to let you in or open it up

Or errr , yeah same deal to the other alliance lol

I’m the leader of the KnightsOfTheRoundTable and would love to have you both join our alliance.

The members that attack in War use all their flags and we win regularly.

Yes DanF, you have to leave your current alliance, then when you look up the new one you’ll have the Button to Join.

Please check always room for jell-o