We hear your opinion - is the game better or worse?

In full metal jacket Sergeant Hartman used to say, “before they didn’t make such high piles of ■■■■” … and the same goes for this game. Say 1 to 10 how much worse it is compared to 4 years ago and how. I am curious to know your opinion


I think it’s better.

Yes, hero balance is a frustration.

But four years ago there was no:

Raid tournament
Alliance featured message
Friendly raids
Collect all buttons
Mythic titan
Season 2
Season 3

While lots of those have issues, can anyone hand-on-heart say they’d have played four years by just doing the season one map, titans and rare quests?


I am a bit confused by ranking system. Does 1 mean the game is a little worse or just the worst since 4 years ago?

Well I am playing for like 2 years. On one hand, the power creep is noticeable, yes, and the deluge of events is too much. On the other hand many events mean much bigger number of free pulls. I mean 2 years ago you got one epic hero token from Legendary tier, coins from completing Atlantis and that’s it. Now you get free pulls in Atlantis, Valhalla (until they dry up though because rare monsters are hardly reliable), challenge coins, NT coins (this one sucks big time for the effort invested though), ToL coins, bigger number of EHT from Challenge events due to rescaling of reward tiers and inclusion of Mythic Titans … I complain a lot about this game but in the end it’s not that bad. So I say 0.


I don’t think it’s worse at all. I think it’s not as much improved as it could or should have been.


2 years this month for me as well (I’m not tech savvy enough to work out how to see the day I first played it)

The game is better than when I started it.

Let’s ignore the summons…that’s going to be different for everyone.

Just for the extra content it’s definitely better. And it’s not all perfect, I’m not trying to say otherwise.

It’s just better than when I started.


Overall the game is much better and has been developing compared to other games I have been involved in, PC and Mobile.

They try different things, sometimes goes wrong but mostly goes right.

It ia very difficult to satisfy everyone. Whatever they do, there are happy and angry gamers. Seeing that there are still many players, and they are making money maybe is a good evidence that in total the games is developed positive.

After 4 years, it is necessary with power creep etc. and there is content and joy what ever kind of player you are, otherwise you wouldn’t spend time in game and forum :wink:

Variations is the key to avoid boring life/game etc. so I hope they continue with variations in all sense. For same reason I don’t believe it will be exchange of heroes. There is no money in it and everyone becomes more similar. It only destroy the game. Compare to Diablo where after one week everyone had basically the same things.

Just my thoughts, and I am happy that ppl have different thoughts and experience.

Happy gaming


In my honest opinion, I would say 5 or 6, so it’s better for me.

The positives to name a few:
New buildings
Increase to event levels
New Heroes
Mythic Titan
Raid formations

The negatives to name a few:
Too much power creep
Ninja Tower
Telluria / Vela fiasco
Too much new stuff
All the money grab pop ups
Not enough quality of life stuff (yet)


Game was at it’s best before the shi… aaa, sorry about that, Telluria hit the fan… since then it’s whirling down a spiral of worse and worse… well, at least, at this rate, we’ll soon reach the “instant kill” skill and then there’ll be nowhe4e left to go astray…


On one hand the game is better now than it was when I started three years ago. There is much more variety in the game for things to work on.

On the other hand the game is worse because there is more to do in the game now than I have time for. Back then I could play 1/2 hour a day and do everything.


The good:

There is in fact a lot more stuff to do now than when I started playing. Some of it is even somewhat fun and interesting.

The bad:

As pointed out, it’s almost too much stuff. And much of it is “more of the same”.

The ugly:

Power creep. It’s seriously getting out of hand. New overpowered heroes + diluted summoning pools, while the odds and costs of receiving even the original classic (now very much outclassed) heroes remains the same?

It’s not that this is a bad game, it certainly does have its charms. But I would say it’s extremely cost prohibitive for many players (and potential players) to be able to keep up once they reach a certain point.

I’m not talking about just raids and event leaderboards (though those are important too)… alliance wars are (were?) one of the most fun aspects of this game. The whole idea that “lower spenders can just stay in lower echelons and be happy fighting other low spenders”… well that’s all fine and good, and would be, if only that were the case. To suggest that a low spender will “most likely probably never” have to encounter the new top classed heroes… well that’s just patently false. Even the lowest level players in this game will eventually start to encounter ridiculously overpowered heroes on a regular basis, long before they reach a skill or roster level that is capable of even attempting to take them on. And that gets worse and worse with every new update.

One can argue that it should be that way, that only those who pay should have access to all the toys. And if the cost of those toys were reasonable, I might be inclined to agree. But the costs are not reasonable, and the power disparities between the “common” heroes vs. the rare are not balanced.

I suppose if you are a player who doesn’t mind spending a lot of money on a game, the game is absolutely better today than it was before. If however you are on a limited budget and feel nauseated by the idea of spending the price of a brand new PC or console title in exchange for a bunch of feeder heroes in a mobile phone app, then you will likely conclude that this game has gotten much worse. At least in terms of what you get for your money.


More to do, much better heroes…I’d say it’s better. Only thing I don’t like is the caving into the undue pressure and nerfing of heroes.

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better for sure. But there should be reward with ONE 5* hero of choosing when passing that season on hard. So f2p players have some chance!

I am playing since 13 months and can only compare the quality of the game for this period of time.
Frankly a mobile game I play for 13 months and some people play for four years and spending thousands of dollar on must be exciting or the people would have stopped playing long ago!
And I dont like to hear the Telluria/Vela rant again and again! They were op, the game sucked playing against GTV defenses again and again. SG found and implented a solution and the quality of the game improved again. I read lots of comments like „ I invested hundreds of dollars to get them and now they are worthless“. This is a big misconcept, nobody invests in this game except of SG and Zynga, we consume! You can not resell your Telly or your Vela, so its no invest. You had the excitement chasing and ascending those heros. You payed gor this excitement. If you got it for free or small money congratulations. If you payed real money for them, that was your decission. Personally I cannot understand spending more than a few bucks on a game but thats not my business. If there were no newer better heros the game would stall, and we all would have a GTV defense and would not raid against other formations. We would quit playing in boredom. I think only those who spend insane amounts of money on this game habe a problem with hero nerving and powercreep. If every new hero generation is only slightly better than its predecessors and nerfs are done only very reluctantly its a better alternative than a stalling game.
And I dont like to hear the „new costume“ rant either. Where is the problem with a Finley costume? Its better than the original Finley of course, but what are the alternatives?
Creating new strong heroes who are better than Finley? If you dont own Finley there is no real difference between new hero and costumed Finley. To get the full potential you have to ascend the costume too, so its more expensive. If you own Finley you only have to ascend the costume. Thats much cheaper than ascending a brand new hero. I think this is a good compromise to give those who own a strong hero some advantages without stalling the game.

So I think the game has much improved and its fun to play. Before you ask I am completely f2p and own more than 20 5* heroes. To me it is not pay to win!

I would advice everyone who has no more fun playing this game to step away for a few weeks, maybe lower your expectations and have fun. Its a mobile game not the e-sports worldchampionship!


I agree and strongly disagree

Once upon a time in the land of empires and GUINEVERE was dominant and Queen of the land, try as I might, she was a royal pain in the butt.
She was hard and she was a beast, she was everywhere and I was facing her everywhere, yes it was frustrating but it made me think more about the puzzle, the hero’s I had and what I could do and couldn’t do.
I pulled trying to get her, until today I never had her, DESPITE not getting her, DESPITE having to face her, I thought maybe a nerf would have helped but I was completely against it as the challenge would have been taken out of the game + it would really have beefed me off if I ever later had gotten her and for her to be then get broken, damaged and unusable.
SG solution which made the difference and more exciting is that then Seshat came along to counter Guinevere, she has been quite instrumental, NOT power creeping but instrumental throughout the entire game.
As Seshat, a hotm was released to counter Guin, a hotm seshat wasn’t everywhere on every defence.
So my question then is, why NERF GUINEVERE?
NO, I do not have her but for those players that do, especially in todays times, Most players would not be complaining about a power creep whatsoever if there were counter card heros for these hero’s like the ninjas gravemaker ect.
The fact is that, players MAY ALREADY have great hero’s that would counter these OP hero’s if for the fact that they weren’t nerfed, like Guinevere who if she wasn’t nerfed would be an excellent counter to some of today’s OP hero’s… HECK… even if they release new costumes it wouldn’t bother people so much as previous hero’s they already have would have been a great counter had it been that they were never nerfed.Simple as that.
No matter the amount of times new hero’s come out then get nerfed off into oblivion, THIS IS KILLING THE GAME, yes we want more content, yes new hero’s are op, yes there’s a power creep, yeah sure new costumes are exciting ect, but nerfing off past hero’s which are great counters and not releasing great counter hero’s actually make the game incredibly boring, there’s nothing much to think about or fun to be had using what you have or previously may have had.

So now we come Telluria, Vela, GM, yeah sure, they were everywhere, it was frustrating ect but actually I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge… I enjoyed it so much so that I then had to think about my game and work on my next hero’s that would help me defeat that team, so I worked on marjana, bold tusk, Wilbur which honestly served me really well
I actually got really excited about Valhalla and Next HOTM coming up as surely there was bound to be a Red and Blue and Green counter card hero.
Reuben Red Hero before release was quite exceptional and great ability to counter Telluria… I’m most definitely sure there’s many players in the community whom may have older hero’s and older hotm where come to think of it if their hero’s weren’t nerfed the whole Telluria story would just have been an exciting new challenge for them.

So just remember, after guinevere, came those GM, finlays… Then replaced by Telluria and vela, these GOT NERFED and replaced by odins, Frigg and ninjas ECT…

NOW, there’s so much op hero’s, OK cool, but the hero’s we do have that possibly would be great counters have been nerfed and damaged, so like what’s the point in that?

Like the new op defence hero’s, FRIGG, ODIN, COBALT… Now, I DO NOT HAVE THESE HERO’S, What’s going to happen, history repeat itself, nerf these hero’s once again and then release costumes for already op hero’s?

Its like a baby crying and you give it a pacifier to shut it up is how I feel is happening here.

Telluria nowadays for example would be a good counter to some of these hero’s had she been left alone as was.

Because of hero’s like Guinevere and Telluria whom were a welcome and frustrating challenge, cause of those 2 ladies it actually improved my game today in other areas where yellow Titans and green Titans are some of my best scores as I worked on my purple and red hero’s, and thus also improved some of my quest challenges and scores as well as tourneys and especially wars, so I have to thank that 2some for my personal development which has actually helped alot

Main problem is, the game is developing, hero’s are spitting out more and more op, hero’s like tel, vel, and many others have been nerfed off which are almost useless, those that have been lucky in Tavern of legends and those that have pulled something from HA10 have attained a damaged nerfed hero which is not great or too weak to counter all these new op hero’s… And now they want to release costumes for op hero’s, this is what’s killing the game, this is where there will be no diversity, no challange, fighting the same teams over and over and over again with nerfed hero’s.

Agree or disagree, our alliance and affiliated alliances and throughout the game has crumbled as people leave and quit, recruiting is rather impossible and nowadays some of us alliance hop to farm Titans for food, iron, not so much for pov but mainly for the lack of resources, many join before a titan spawns in hopes of a rare titan so they get a chance for a mat drop, loot in general has been nerfed to suffocating levels that as a last ditch effort in trying to keep any form of interest left in the game is what many of us are doing.

So by releasing new costumes… If that means by unnerfing or updating and balancing the game by introducing costumes for hero’s which you have to pay for is rediculous and obsurd. When they nerfed our hero’s, many of which I do not have and some of which I do have, they didn’t give us anything back, no refunds in resources or 2600 gems for a 10 pull BUT THEY ARE READY to charge us $26.00 for a 10 pull for a new costume, ie charge us for a balance update or return a nerfed hero back to somewhat it’s former self?no man.

I do love this game, all the new and added features are great and welcome, there’s been so much exciting and new things but there are many things that need to be improved upon and need tweaking.

I have no beef with the power creep, costumes and ect, but they have to update the game, return previous hero’s back to their former glory, older hero’s bring them up to date with today’s Times then ONLY THEN Introduce new costumes where it will actually be fun, exciting and challenging playing with what you have and pulling for something new or working on your roster like I did once upon a time to beat guinevere and Telluria, that will be fun and using a variety of hero’s, old and new even s1 hero’s that will help to counter new hero’s, that is fun, but as is, the way it is heading, no ways.


Lastly… Those many players that called for nerfing and got their wish… Not all but many of those players that called for nerfing are now today no longer playing the game, why, they may have felt by nerfing heroes would have improved their game,but didn’t, the fact of the matter is that they didn’t know or want to learn how to play, they didn’t want to work on their rosters of 345* hero’s that would have helped them throughout the game, they didn’t want to grind or put in the time that we all have.
Now as for the rest of us here we sit today with the unbalanced game.

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In short yes the Games better and enjoying it especially with the new ad ons. the only down fall is big hero’s being nerfed to the point of useless. I know u need to make money off other new hero’s but come on the vela and telluria was a big mistake on your part that still needs to be resolved ASAP. Time and resources and obviously are well earnt money has gone into those hero’s plus others. Plz fix it. Or least do it right in the future. As I can see soon odin and frigg will get another nerf but hopefully not to the point of useless.

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I’m not particularly fond of the idea of nerfing heroes myself. If anything, buff the original heroes to help them catch up. They don’t all have to be as powerful as the newest, rarest heroes, but in the current state of the game, vanilla heroes are struggling to stay relevant at all, which is highly discouraging to anyone who can’t afford to / isn’t lucky enough to pull some of the better heroes.

Yes there are new heroes released to counter the other top heroes, but what are my odds of pulling one of those without heavy spending? $5 a month for VIP is not going to guarantee me anything. I had VIP for 2 years, and I still only managed to pull a few HotMs and event 5*s. Vast majority of what I pulled was vanilla 3s. I’ve gotten more 5 star heroes from TC20 than anywhere else, and that’s even with my TC20s being horribly stingy lately.

So I spent “some” money to get less than what I ended up getting for free…? That seems odd. It doesn’t exactly inspire me to spend any more. Especially when I have at least one member in my alliance who spent a lot more than I did, and he has even fewer good heroes than I do.

We are now on Season 4, and it still costs the same price to summon a S1 5* as it did when I first started playing. And good luck getting a new Season 2 hero at this point. They want to keep pushing new more powerful heroes? That’s fine, but the older less powerful heroes should be made much easier to obtain in order to balance that. Otherwise it’s just going to become a game of the have everythings vs. the have nothings.


The game is very interesting , and it’s good to have lots of things to do , if someone dont have the time to do everything i dont care . The game is getting better!


Overall I think its better. The new war rules and mystic titans are my favorite. Im still waiting on the rest of the new war rules…

That being said, there are things I absolutely hate.

Ninja tower - Its just not fun at all. Its the only part of the game I wish I could just skip. They could at least make it shorter.

Power Creep - It looks like it is only going to get worse and seems intentional (yes, its often unavoidable, but some of it is just blatant cash grabs).

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There’s 2 metrics to evaluate here: quality and quantity.

On quantity we have much more things to do, arguabily even too much things.
Nothing to say it is better then before.
Tiring but better.

But quality show HOW they implemented them, which for me is worse then before as more often then not they put aside players enjoymenent for more revenue.

And the word “MORE” is not random.
You can still get revenue even making your players happier and improve game conditions, these are not two things that inevitably go against each other.

But it seems it’s something hard to believe.


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