We have the power to change our odds

I have been playing this game for about 6 months, I have spent plenty of money and like most not to happy with what I have pulled.
We all have more power then you guys think, we all just have to stand together. I waited till December to post this bc I knew all would prob go nuts with all the events and new hero’s with so many deals in play.
I believe that after this month we should all go to our alliances and band together and not spend 1 dollar on this game for 1 month and let the devs know that if they want to continue to make money from us they need to change the odds in getting legendary heroes.
Believe me when we all stick together and hit them where it hurts (there pockets ) they will change the odds.
This is how business is done in the real world. If no one is buying and supporting a business that business will be forced to change things to welcome paying consumers to spend on there products. UNLESS THEY ARE FORCED to SHUT DOWN.
If we all come together as a community and strike for the month of January they will hear us.
Hopefully we can do this and get this game changed and all get a little happier on pulls in the future gl to us and thanks.


Some people spend hundreds of dollars on the game within the first couple months of starting, also whales keep the game from shutting down all by themselves.

For every person who closes their wallet, another opens it

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I understand the frustration of not rolling the heroes you want, and it does suck. But now, you can see exactly what the percentages are to get what you want from the summons. Use that information to set realistic expectations.

That said, yeah I’m still bitter to not have Evelyn yet, given all the summons I’ve already done.


HThat’s fine there are whales. How do you think they became whales, it’s because they are smart business people and that’s means they want better odds themselves. Just because you have money doesn’t mean you enjoy giving it away for nothing. They will also go for this strike only for the simple fact that they are smart enough to do it to better there investment.

Enjoy your strike. May the odds be in your favor. Excuse me now while I seek for that new holy HOTM. She ducks your mana while youbstrike. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Great idea. I wonder why no one has done that before. Especially for places like casinos.

It’s not the way the world works. People will continue to pay if they are having fun or think they have a chance at fun (winning)

Don’t get me wrong. If going by conversations I have with other players is any indication, SGs current pratice isn’t going to last. People are quoting out of frustration and or boredom. Many stuck around for season 2 but SG is bleeding it out so slowly that it’s not keeping long time players

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For what it’s worth, I think it’s a great idea and I commend you for the timing.

If this gains any traction, I’ll be taking it to my alliance for sure.

And to the naysayers. This isn’t a casino. People aren’t coming here hoping to win money. There’s critical differences there.

And yes it is hard to willingly miss out on a HOTM, but it’s a small sacrifice to send a message if you aren’t happy.

Yes SG is posting the odds. But the odds are still pretty rough. If you think they’re fine, then of course don’t strike. But if you think they’re too low, then think about casting your vote for a month.


I suggested something really similar sometimes ago.
I do think too that spending non-stop chasing your target every month is something that not only do any good on F2P or C2P, but even big whales themselfs.

And it’s not something to blame on Small Giant.
They’re literally running a business here, you aspect them to reduce the cash flow on their own accord? In their shoes i jump on the wave and make it even more high.

I see this situation as an Empire and Puzzle war.
Big whales have a really strong team, a team that can win against any foes and make their voice really loud.
But they are not organized, don’t talk to each other and don’t settle a strategy for the war.

And they lose.


It’s the 3rd day of December, mate… Not the 31st… I did my 12 token pulls, got MN but no Evelyn, and now I await Knights of Avalon to give it another go. If still no Evelyn, I have Atlantis to give it a further try…

What’s the hurry?

Except it wouldn’t be better odds for themselves it would be better odds for everyone which would work against the whales. Whales want to have all the good heros while others do not.

So far we have had 8 replies. This is why nothing ever gets done in life. 7 negative replies and reasons why it won’t work. Here is a perfect example for u negative people that never get anywhere in life bc u always look at all the reasons why it won’t work instead of doing anything u can to make things happen and wonder why nothings changed or going right for u.

If you 7 said this sounds good (kept the negative out) and said let me bring this up to my alliance and let them know what people r talking about doing to help ourselves. U would have 240 ( 8 replies x 30 members in alliance = 240 ) people saying WOW sounds like a good idea let’s give it a try. Then that 240 would turn into 2400 in a weeks time. By the end of the month u would have every alliance talking about it and saying it can’t hurt LETS DO IT.

It’s that EASY.

At the end of all this after we tried and nothing has changed at least u can say we did what we can and decide to stick around and continue to play or decide u had enough and stop. Ur decision will be a lot easier to make bc u tried and put something into it.

By the way I have put a good amount of money in this game I have all the hotm in the time I have been playing and also felt that victor would be a key hero with very fast mana built up, a hitter and a healer which I have not seen in any other hero that I spent around 250 to get. So u know I’m not just a person who hasn’t put money in and is crying. I just want better odds for myself and everyone else that plays and spends.

I like the idea overall but on this I would have to say I disagree with you - you cannot stop people from spending on this game. As C2P player I plan on spending some money on upcoming Avalon event (papa wants his Guin) and nobody in my alliance will stop me, nor anyone here on the forum from doing so. I understand on what I’m spending my money and I know my odds and people complaining about odds not going their way are the negative ones on this forum, not people that say that SG will not change odds just because of some general player strike. Not to mention how low number of overall players are actually visiting the forum and how far this word can reach…

Not sure if there are any gamers on this forum, I presume there are - but all that complain just look what’s going on with loot boxes in gaming around the world. Somewhere they are being banned, some governments plan on going full investigation mode to investigate claims of gambling for kids in video games, international gaming associations are calling for companies to re-consider loot boxes because they might be completely banned in the future, players around the world slammed some big companies for this and did made them change their ways (and I agree that players united can make a change and are a force not to be messed with - but not in the way you recommend). In the end as long as you know your odds and are familiar with them, the company that sells you that loot box or ‘summon’ in this instance can not be taken responsible for your bad pull. SG already done that and made their odds visible and trust me, with this step taken, nothing will make them change the odds since you cannot, and I will repeat, cannot make entire (or part of) E&P gaming population stop on spending.

Just my 2 cents on this…


Have a ton of green feeders/trainers that I need to offload! :grinning:

@U-Like-That-1 I don’t know what your expectations are about how often legendary heroes should drop, or what your goals are in the game.

Since New Year’s Eve 2017 I’ve been running a C2P account, spending $5-$10/month — a level I think is entirely reasonable for a product that gives hours of entertainment. That account has managed to get 9 legendary heroes over those 11 months through a combination of TC20, free epic pulls, and the occasional gem-funded summons. A solid team, able to sit at high platinum/low diamond raiding, contribute solid performance against 9*-10* titans, complete rare quests and challenge events, etc… I don’t think my experience is exceptionally lucky or unlucky, as TC20 will on average drop one 5* hero per month, and I was running two TC20 for many months (down to one now, as I need more feeders). I’ve also accumulated enough mats along the way to (mostly) keep up with my hero drops, although fine gloves have been in short supply.

I won’t pretend that my alt is competitive at the upper tiers of the game, though. No HotM, some suboptimal 5* (my leveled 5* are Justice, Obakan, Marjana and Morgan le Fey), 4* troops in only two colors. But my alt holds his own in wars, raids and titans, which was what I was interested to see when I created that account.

So what exactly are you hoping to achieve with higher odds of 5*? You will save big spenders some money, but the whales will still have all the heroes and big troops to match, so it won’t change the pecking order much. Ascension mats still drop at their ultra-slow rate, so now you’ll have a bench full of useless 2/60 5*. I guess you’ll call for another strike to increase epic mat frequency.

I have a lot more sympathy with calls to reduce randomness than I do for an outright shift in odds. The latter is just going to accelerate the arms race.

Example: instead of rare mats dropping outright, you collect fragments of specific mats, e.g. a Mystic Ring fragment. These trickle in much more often than a Mystic Ring. Accumulate, say, 20 shards and then you can forge them into a Mystic Ring. This approach reduces variance and creates tangible progress much more often. If every Titan dropped at least one rare mat shard, you’d never say “got nothing from the Titan”. Or you might get lucky and get five telescope shards.

This approach could also be applied to heroes. Collect 10 Sartana shards, you get a guaranteed Sartana summons. These shards could be regular loot, but they could also be given (with some odds) when you summon a 3* from the epic portal. Again, reduce randomness and frustration of getting ten 3* heroes from a 10x summons.


It is not easy. It isn’t that simple either.

I said if this catches on, I’ll take it to my alliance. Why? Because there are what, tens of thousands of alliances? And we are 27 people… so if I ask them to do something, I’ve gotta be able to show them that it’s actually a thing. I’ve gotta buy their trust with some amount of proof, basically :stuck_out_tongue:

Anywho. I don’t think the negativity helps here. So I’ll agree with you on that. But I think you need consistent campaigning. And maybe a less cynical crowd.

Such a small amount of players are really reachable through these message boards. You could try spamming global chat. You could hit up Reddit and Facebook. And some line groups… but man. No way to really get that message out there easily. I just don’t know. I think it would take a lot of work to make it really happen.

So, not easy.

Possible though. Need people to say “I’m in!” Though. Doesn’t seem to be happening here.

Dear skeptics: any of you guys wanna give this a try? What can it hurt? :stuck_out_tongue:

For F2P or C2P often you save up gems and EHT for a specific event and then throw everything at it and cross your fingers.

He might get one more summon this event… but his best chance is likely in the rear view mirror at this point. It’s disheartening.

^^^^ THIS! ^^^^
Exactly what’s happening all across the forum and E&P groups all around social media. People are constantly: ‘where are my 5*’ and once they progress and lvl enough in game to start getting them (and you need to do that as well, not complain how you do not see any 5* on 20th lvl) then lack of mats is next whine. Not to mention people complaining about not receiving 5* and once they got one they are like: OMG SG give me back my money, I wanted x hero instead of y.

Do people even try to work up with their 4* nowdays? I have bunch of those and am much more excited to lvl them all up and then actually strategize instead of having x amount of 2/60 5* that will only frustrate me even more…

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Kerridoc](/u/Kerridoc)Moderator/Game Specialist

I’m not looking for some kind of insane odd increase where everyone will have every hero in 2 months. I’m looking for 4% or maybe even a 5% chance of legendary drop. At the insanely low rate of 1.5 is giving prob 1 5* for every 60-100 pulls for the reg money spenders so what’s wrong with 2 5* for every 60-100 pulls. Game still going to make an insane amount of money and players will be happier spending there money knowing there odds have just doubled and is still very rare to get one at 4% chance.

Even degenerate gambles stop gambling on 1 particularl thing if they always lose or the winning is SOOO rare. They switch to a different casino or table game mostly do to superstition but they still gamble, just on something or someplace else. If they hit every once in a while they stay where they are.

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Not having a specific hero or a hero with a specific skill set and not having AM are obviously two separate issues which would be complained about separate of the other issue. Maybe fixing one exacerbates the other (“I’ve got ALL THESE AM and no heroes to use them on!” Or “I’ve got all these heroes and no AM!”)… as is we just get both complaints.

Look. It’s natural for people to want shiny new heroes. SG knows this and monetizes this want intelligently. Are people still happy with what they do get? Sure.

Does that mean SG isn’t being overly greedy with their formula? No. No it does not. A specific hero costing easily $50, possibly $100 or more is a very large sum. The over simplification of “oh well just don’t want any heroes” is a lame cop out. If people actually did that, then SG wouldn’t make any money and things would actually change.

People who spend money. And even those who don’t, have the right to complain and request changes. They’re the customers. And beyond that, unless they’re significant Spenders they’re excluded from game content in the form of specific heroes.

Which by and large people are OK with. But if you say it never gets frustrating or insulting then you clearly have a different perspective than most players. (Either you’re just resigned to not having a vast majority of special 5* heroes or you’re a big spender. Both of which are OK. But for the mid-spenders, the c2p, and the F2P who WANT to get some of these unique heroes, you should have the flipping common sense to understand why they would want those heroes and why better drop rates means more inclusivity and enjoyment for a lot of players, even or especially with AM remaining rare. )

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Uhm why wait if everybody just types of note in the complaint box and they get 10 billion notes then you don’t have to worry about hitting their pockets don’t want to keep people happy

Money talks friend.

If you own a business that makes widgets and get 1,000,000 notes a day saying “I don’t like your widgets” but you make $43,000,000 profit in your first year, do you change your widget?

And consider: What if changing the widget means next year you’ll only make $22,000,000 instead of $43,000,000.

The only way for the consumer to get the widget changed is to place the company on pace to make less than $22,000,000. To do that, the consumer needs to stop buying the widget.

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