We have an urgent bug at war now

One of our member went vs some. Team and he is loged off and the game. Say he is still attacking it! It is the last team on the battlefield before a flip and we cant attack. It! Picture is attacked… We are losing the chance to hit thier lowest teams for 4 times cuz of it

Solved after 15min of waiting…


You aren’t the only one, our war disappeared for some, froze temporarily for others, major lag and glitching like crazy!
Saw one player fighting multiple opponents, which locked everyone else out. We have people who can’t even see the war, shows like prep phase.

We’ve found an additional War bug - at 21 hours left in the current war, the opposing team had already ripped through many of our teams, and all those teams had already regenerated.

. It is supposed to take a lot longer than that before a beaten team is available to be beaten again. We could not duplicate it with their teams, however.

Here’s the other pic.

You’ll notice that my team is available at this point, but has already been beaten once.

That’s a reset. If you wipe the other side, it resets instantly. Happens all the time.


I hope they fixed your bug. Sucks when these things happen. I wish you good luck!

There seems to still be a bug in Alliance wars. I was under the impression that all players could use a hero only once during a war, but all opponents get to keep top level heros round after round. So all they have to do to win is not attack. We are stuck fighting level 50, 60, and 70 heros repeatedly even with level one new heros. Very unbalanced, and really not in the spirit of the game

I’m not really sure what you’re saying here but I’ll try explain what I think you mean.

Both alliances can only use 6 teams of 5 heroes (30 heroes max). They are welcome to use anyone in their roster to make up those ATTACK teams.

The teams sitting on the battlefield are the DEFENSE teams and they are static throughout the war (they don’t change).

If all the teams on either side get totally wiped out, that whole board re-sets immediately. When you say the opponent gets to do something, remember that to your enemy, you are the opponent. Both alliances have the same rules.

Is this what you are asking?


It seems that in these unbalanced Alliance wars, opponents never have to change the heros they use so we must attack the same level 50, 60, and 70 heros, while we are forced to retire each hero after one play. Therefore, if they never attack, they automatically win. Winning for doing nothing just seems wrong, as does the one sided rule enforcement. I thought both teams could only use a hero once during the war.

This is my response to your post in the bugs thread.


It sounds like there’s some confusion about how Alliance Wars work, and are won.

Each side sets a War Defense team. And it’s true, those teams remain the same.

And each side attacks the other side’s teams, and can only use each hero once. That’s true for both your alliance, and your opponent’s alliance.

Wars are won based on which alliance gets more points. You get points each time you damage or kill a team.

All of the teams are collectively worth 1500 points.

Each time a team is killed, it will eventually regenerate. The first time it takes 6 hours, the second time 8 hours, the third time 10 hours.

If one alliance kills all of the other teams before any regenerate, then all immediately regenerate, and the board is reset, so they can kill the teams again.

A team that does nothing will get 0 points, and lose badly.

The War isn’t won by the alliance with the most teams left standing at the end. It’s solely a function of points.

@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky FYI this post exists also, as @princess1 pointed out: We have an urget bug at war now as does Unbalanced Wars


Sort of. The part I dont get is why there team stays the same but the attacking team can only use a hero once during the war. Is it true that my “Defense Team” also stays the same and only attack teams change? Also, there are more than 6 teams, each player on has a team. My Alliance on this war had 8 teams. Which is ok. It just seems odd to keep attacking the highest level players with your lowest level heros.

You have to break the war into two parts.

  1. 24 hours before the war starts you set your defense team. Once the war starts, just ignore what’s happening to it - it’s out of your control, it’s going to get attacked.

Your opponent has done the same thing.

  1. once the war starts you attack the opponents defense teams and that is where you earn points.

Yes, it doesn’t make sense that we only use our heroes once and must keep attacking their strong defense teams, but that’s how these wars work.

And both sides have the same advantages/disadvantages.

If you are still confused, keep asking questions. It’s the only way you’ll learn and understand.


Thank you for this clarification!


Thank you. These clarifications definately help.

You’re welcome, glad to hear that and the great info @princess1 posted help clarify!

I’m glad y’all are clearing up the reset confusion and basic war process for some people. However, I have been playing long enough to know those things.
Our team experienced indisputable errors with frozen and missing boards. When you cant see the opposing team it is a real problem. Did anyone else have similar issues?

No issue like that. The wars have always run as well as any other component (raid, map events etc) of the game for me. I’ve found/seen no technical issues with fighting in the war itself.

What you mentioned sounds like client side issues tbh (unstable WiFi, dropped connection) which isn’t something SG can do much about. That’s pretty much what happened in OPs case. Player dropped but the server thought he was still in game attacking so they just had to wait for his attack to time out.

I’ve only noticed a little stickiness with reserved status. We had a player reserve a foe, and it took about 7 minutes after he released for the reservation to actually clear. Otherwise, our wars have been pretty routine, interface/function-wise.

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