We got to the top!

After almost 4 years of activity, fortunately always decreasing, I am amazed to see how this game has evolved in such a way as to concentrate all the worst possible in a single solution! And I wish someone would prove me wrong if they have the evidence …

  1. You no longer grow up without spending absurd amounts. And whoever says otherwise is crazy! Accumulating 300 gems x making a roll with a probability of less than 1% is like saying 0!
  2. the main screen looks more like a market, there are many offers to buy, at absurd prices, to buy practically nothing good.
  3. The raids, wars, and everything that involves clashes between players, are all absolutely predefined, and there is no way to change the fate of the clash. The thing is obvious after the first two moves.
  4. The events always win the same, you don’t even know with which formation, since you can’t see them, but it has been practically certified that there are cheats.
  5. rewards for titans or raids or whatever, they are ridiculous!
  6. the latest ninja-type heroes are disproportionate! And this, telluria teaches us, is only used to attract chickens to spend, and then weaken them after a few months!
  7. ascension objects impossible to find for months
  8. the heroes that can be obtained from training camps are always those of 4 years ago! So obsolete and only for Serie B players
    I avoid continuing because I feel like throwing up thinking about it.
    Someone to prove me wrong?

No, they are not predefined. If you would like to read more on it try checking out the link below.

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Slight deviation from the topic.

Happy Forumversary @Palms :cake:.


Thanks @Sarah2! I didn’t even realize :smile:

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Wow! You joined on Xmas day :christmas_tree:. Now I just have to create a new thread :wink:.

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That depends where @Palms is. It’s still Christmas Eve here for 17 more hours you crazy time traveller you.


This depends on how you define “growing up”. If you mean reach the top of the food chain then yes you are correct but for the most part it was always that way. I don’t spend and I am still “growing”. I will never reach #1 and I don’t really care about that.

Can’t argue with you on this. It has gotten worse with the popup ads.

No, this is wrong. I have had many, many battles that started out really bad and I turned around to win.

“Practically certified” … if this is true I need proof. Otherwise you’re just slinging mud. The event winners are the ones with the most time and items to spare.

Sometimes they are decent, and again this is not any different as far as I can tell from when I started in 2018.

I haven’t faced enough Ninjas to have an opinion on this. Those I have fa ed were not terribly OP.

Keep doing the rare quests.

That’s me :rofl:

Some points are wrong, others dubious, others no different from when I started in 2018. The only one that is definitely right is the main screen market.

Ok, and the Serie B comment :rofl: go Brescia!


Whilst I don’t necessarily disagree with much of what you say, this problem isn’t unique to this game. Most are fun in the growth phase, where you have challenges you can work to defeat and making progress is “easy”. But once you’re a mature player, those incremental gains are small and long to get, so you need to be enjoying what you have or the camaraderie or be willing to spend, or ultimately find a new game.

Has it? I’ve not come across anything to suggest this…

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Why do you want to be proven wrong?

If playing this game makes you feel like vomiting then it’s probably for the best that others don’t try to prove your perspectives wrong and prolonging your unhappiness.

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Forgive my fellow forum posters! They mean well. And some of their game defenses are correct. But one cannot simply assert a bunch of things in one post without each one being picked apart and analyzed to the fullest extent.

While I am mostly inclined to agree with you one most points, I will attempt to play devil’s advocate here whenever possible, in order to help explain why you are not getting the forum supports and sympathies…

I agree with this 100%.

Agree with this also. I actually had a dream yesterday where I logged into the game, but I was not able to click on any menu or building because my entire screen was completely filled with 50+ icons trying to sell me something.

Not entirely true. At least not all of the time. I have managed to win a few matches that I thought for sure I was going to lose.

But in general, yeah, sometimes the boards and matchmaking force you into an absolute no-win situation. I consider that to just be part of the game. :man_shrugging:

Some players have used exploits, yes. And generally for most events, it is the same players getting the top scores every time. Meh. That’s why I don’t bother with that stuff.

Agreed! I think we all deserve better loot for our efforts. When you’re playing a game where you only have a tiny chance to get good heroes, and it takes months to level up those heroes, and you need a bunch of materials to level up those heroes, and they only give you a tiny chance to get each of those items??? That’s soooo stupid. It’s like cutting someone with a razor blade, then pouring lemon juice on the cut, then cutting them again with a razor blade coated with lemon juice. Really freaking annoying . Begs the question, why are we all still playing unless we are masochists? I think many of us must be to some degree.

Yep. If they release them as OP, it will result in chaos.
If they nerf them later, it will result in more chaos.

I am really not sure where they are going with that whole strategy. Doubling down on a bad idea…

Yes again.

Though you will always find at least one person here who claims that they get ascension mats spilling out of their butts every day.

Maybe instead of bragging about it, they should share some with the rest of us?

Yeah, this is something they are absolutely going to need to fix before they start releasing Season 4. Otherwise… overall game balance is going to be completely and utterly @#$%ed.

EDIT: Apologies for multi posting, just trying to edit my own posts to remove the trigger “awaiting approval” terms.

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This guy is in my alliance! I swear he gets a 4* mat every day. And he’s f2p

Someone has to balance me on the bell curve… :rofl:

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I can only give my own feelings about this game and this community. I like playing the game. It’s a pleasant distraction from the real world at times. I only spend on the game when I want to. I don’t feel any need to keep up with the whales. Good for them. I love my alliance and my alliance-mates. They’ve become a weirdo family unit for me and I’m proud to be a part of them. We have no aspirations to be a top 100 alliance. We just want to be a part of a group that does their best, engages and has some fun. There will always be disappointments. I actively hate how they handled the HA and the upcoming Mythic Titan crap isn’t exciting me. But in general I look forward to new challenges, new heroes and continuing to grow in the game along with my alliance-mates.

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LOL I know the feeling for sure!

I have players in my own alliance who regularly get ascension mats in every loot. Not only that, but also 5* heroes from single pulls… and they have never spent a dime on the game!!!


Of course no hate towards them! I absolutely adore my alliance mates and wish them all the best. But dayum. Like I am imagining there is an RNG factory or something somewhere…

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Disagree. I have spent a bit lately and gotten zilch out of it, and I will go back to probably spending only POV now that HA is complete and I don’t need a second builder. Have I made zero progress in the time I have not spent or in the time I have spent and gotten nothing for it? No. I am constantly progressing. From raising my lowly level 11-17 troops to slowly deepening my roster with S1 5s/useful 4s to actually learning more about the game and how to play it and how not to play it. I have had a recent improvement in my war game and I attribute it to the fact that I left my comfort zone in raids and started fighting against every defense without skipping, and using different color mono teams than I would normally use. I think there is a lot of scope for learning from your mistakes, learning how to play better, and learning about how opposing heroes play. So there is definitely a lot of scope for improving without spending

Shrug True enough. Doesn’t really affect me one way or another though.

Absolutely incorrect. I’m pretty sure this war record (plus a 299 for this last war) shows that you can be consistent despite the boards, which means that bad boards are either very uncommon (which I don’t think) or that most bad boards can be manipulated for a win as long as your match-up is correct. Basically in almost every match there are enough tiles to win, as long as you can find them and as long as your team is built well enough to survive until that time.

Now if you, or anyone else, truly believes this point then I think quitting is the only reasonable option. I can’t imagine there is any fun or challenge in playing a game where you cannot influence the outcome.

I highly doubt there is any cheating. There is strategy, item use, and time invested. Personally I am not great at evens and tend to land at top 5K or top 10K, and that is good enough for me

Are they? If drops were more frequent then the game would be very different, and I doubt the longevity would be there for most people. I couldn’t imagine playing a mobile game for 2+ years before I migrated here, and I think a large part of that is the slow progression. In regards to mats I have gotten a 4* mat each week for 9 weeks now from 14* titans. There are usually a handful coming from mystic vision or raid chests or summon portals too. That is generally enough for me, given my poor luck in summoning.

As for other rewards - getting 450 emblems for a challenge event is pretty good. I got around 700 emblems from the ninja tower this time around. I would say that is a pretty good reward given that emblems are just about the best source of progression in the game

Maybe. I am on the fence on this for the moment, but I see the potential for it. Haven’t played against enough ninja-heavy teams yet to form a conclusion on this

See above

Would agree with some. I recently pulled a Marjana and she fits in with my main red team, but I do have a bunch of non S1 heroes there already. I wouldn’t be able to find a place for most S1 heroes given my current roster.


Not exactly your point but to play devil’s advocate (insert my Al Pacino voice here) as someone who has played for close to 4 years now and who severally limited spending about 18 months ago, I actually do have a glut of accension items. I can level 3 to 4 five stars in every color currently. But since I don’t give E and P a few hundred dollars a month on hero pulls now, I have no one to use them on. So this game hoses you one way or another. And so far in HA I have done about 10 retrains and only gotten all the same season 1 heros and many of them the same ones that I originally started the retraining on.

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This sums up wonderfully how I feel about the game. After 3.5 years as a non-competitive player (except for wars), all my pulls are usually dupes. I’m not willing to pay to chase elusive heroes so I just enjoy at my own pace, doing events and titan stars that I want.


And now just got my 11th HA retrain…horghall…at least the 2nd time I’ve gotten him this training cycle. Still nothing other than season1 retreads in 11 weeks now,…so please don’t think HA is a viable alternative to gaining anything decent anyone…its not

I got an ares on my 3rd attempt. It’s called rng. At 5% chance you expect something goodish every 20 attemptish

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