WE Flag refresh

With all this stuff regularly out, and all the events, quests, challenges and the extra levels added…SG needs to switch to 5 minute flag refresh times…10 minutes is way too long now.

Unless this is just a money scam to try to get ppl to spend their flasks or 100 gems (assuming this is the plot)


I do understand why you feel this way. But it’s a no for me.

For me, having a maximum of 57 WE helps a lot. And I have some WE flasks in reserve.

I would actually like the game to slow down.
I would love challenge events to return to 10 stages for each tier (and keep same rewards). :joy:
I would also love if they made 4* HOTM or even if they repeat each new HOTM once (as an actual HOTM). :thinking:

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Nah you need to buy that energy. This is how the game works.

And keep in mind, many components have a dedicated flag type: titan, tournament, raid, ninja tower, war…

If I also had more regular WE flags I feel like I would “need” to spend too much time in the game.


This isn’t going to happen. The game isn’t going to slow down. They are pushing Ninja Tower next month. New war types. Added to Marlovia. It’s not slowing down, it continuously ratcheting up. @jmm0507 has a good point about WE. Time to adjust the clock. I am lucky to have 57 WE also, but most in the game are around 48 WE max or less.

While at it, adjust the clock to just 3 hours between titan flags also.

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You are correct.

Sometimes I push in challenge events. The Grimforest which just ended could be my last event push.

It’s getting harder for me to enjoy the game like I used to. Probably a sign for me to go cold turkey.

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Unfortunately this game, like most things, reacts like a pendulum. S2 came out and people were excited. They rushed through it as each stage opened. (The game also made a huge new player push at that time too). But once people completed S2 there was nothing but Titans and war. It got boring fast. So what happens? The push to introduce a ton of new stuff, including S3, and now it’s too much.

Unfortunately there are many things Wishing the game that need fixed or updated and they are overlooked or outright ignored as SG/Zynga push out new things to draw more $. Again, I understand the need to make a profit, but at this point it’s just cash grab after cash grab that has made many walk away.

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Yeah well zulag is pretty much a 4* HoTM lol

Zocc is too.

Noor is practically a 3*. :man_shrugging:t2:

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I suppose it is a tricky balance between offering new/improved content and all the new summoning portals/goblin balloon etc.

I don’t like that there a bazillion pop-ups in the game. That written, as a very c2p I mostly ignore offers.

What concerns me is the decreased return for my efforts and resulting power creep. December would mark 3 years play for me. In 2 years and 10 months of daily play I have exactly one HOTM. All my other 5* are Season 1. Sure, I have Sartana and Quintus costumes too, but any S2/S3/challenge event/seasonal event/second HOTM would be huge for me.

I’m trying to build and research Hero Academy 10. Unfortunately, I am just losing patience.

That’s partly why I’m less enthusiastic about the game, and thus not in favour of halving the WE flag refill time. Just my opinion.

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Take into account that emblems were just turned into a pez dispenser item also and I clearly see your point. Perhaps easier WE would also have players finishing S3 easier also thus more open time. (But honestly, I’d rather have easier WE so I could get it done and over with. S3 is just a pain that I’d rather not do.)

I’ve said this many times, if not for the alliance I lead, I’d have deleted this game many months ago. The writing was on the wall. Many didn’t listen to those of us who warned of it. Guess that’s the nature of things. History doomed to repeat itself.

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It’s not easy to be an alliance leader. Very nice that you found a great team of players.

I am playing another puzzle game (Zombies one), and while I am enjoying it a lot more than here, it doesn’t have the wonderful Empires community.

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