We Came Up From Nothing - and still have most of it left

We are on the lookout for new members. We are a friendly bunch of (mostly) Australians and have fun doing the usual things like smacking titans (6 to 8 star at the moment but hopefully that will rise with new members) fighting in wars, and complaining about bad boards.

We presently have 11 members ranging from about 1600 cups up to 2700. We chat, advise, support, guide and eat Tim Tams. Come and have a look around!

Perhaps I missed it…
What is the name of your alliance?! :thinking:

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We Came Up From Nothing


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I didn’t want to a**-u-me :wink:.
Free bump.


Hey there we have an Aussie Alliance ourselves. Would you guys be looking to merge with us? We currently have 11 members.

We probably would. I will post a message and let everyone know. What is your alliance name?

Also, we currently have a rare titan, so it would be after that.

We Came Up From Nothing. :wink:

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Our alliance name is called eleMENTAL Supremacy.

Feel free to check us out. We are a very reliable bunch of guys and gals.

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Having a look now. It seems that Rove McManus is your leader. :smiley:

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With the war over, and our titan almost dead, look for some people joining tonight.

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