We as forumn users are being punished for others breaking guidelines

I’ve noticed that when someone is flagged and their post content is “whited”… we can read the content but we can’t “reply” to that post. Why should we who follow the guidelines be punished for someone who can’t? You can’t even “further” flag it or “like” it even if you agree. Scensorship is one thing but this is “big brother” type crap that Orson Wells warned us about back in 1984

I THINK you can still like & reply to the post, just not quote it? Not 100% sure tho as moderator permissions are different to regular user ones.

As for still “seeing” the content of the post, that stops being possible after 24 hours doesn’t it?

Edit: not the case sorry.

Currently flagged posts are hidden from public view (i.e. they have to physically “click” on the “view hidden content” to read it… That is the setting that Discourse has related to flagged posts. The alternative is for Moderators/ Staff to physically go & delete the posts that are flagged (which is laborious & requires additional intervention). I know that I have removed more offensive posts rather than just leaving them at flag level hidden.

But I am curious what you are suggesting?


For some reason I just checked and you can like/flag post and I could respond to the post… anyhow was sure before I couldn’t. Thanks SG for fixing my request so fast!!! You can close topic now

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I think I know where the next nerf belongs! Bwahaha

It’s the most entertaining part of the conversation reading those. Unscensored scensorship… please don’t take away the little “ good” we have lol

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Well, maybe we can go ahead and work on us being able to reply to posts after the thread has been closed now? So, annoying when there’s some “help” you’d like to offer a player but can’t cause they closed the thread

That defeats the purpose of “closing” it :wink:

You can always flag it as “something else” if you’d like to request it be opened/ you have something to add to the conversation :slight_smile:


Regulars are able to like/reply to flagged/hidden posts.

Most of those are flagged for obvious reasons, but sometimes I also don’t know, what ridiculous reasons made some people hitting the flag.

It is like it is, you can never please everyone.

Will do! :slightly_smiling_face:


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