We are recruiting! Come grow with us :)

The South African Thunder Alliance is an active and fast growing alliance currently fighting mostly 4* titans(we climbing the ladder together, Fast!!!) And is currently busy with a 5*. We leave no flags unused in wars and motivate eachother! We have friendly, helpful and experienced leadership. We seem to have successfully crafted a very helpful, supportive, chatty and fun clan. We are like family! Just 3 simple rules to follow.

  1. Hit titans as often as you can
  2. Opt out of wars if you don’t want to commit to using all 6 flags. If you fight, work with the team. Communication is the number one key to war victory.
  3. Have fun and be respectful.

We now have several veterans players who are quite experienced. But really the entire core of the alliance is extremely helpful and supportive.

Join us, and together we can grow :smile: Good luck to all

Hey @Anche…best if you bump your thread rather than duplicating them or we’ll all drown in alliance recruitment.

Good luck with finding someone.

@Kerridoc @zephyr1

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Thank you :slight_smile: still figuring this out. All new to me. Thanks so much for advice


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