We are no longer SMALL, E&P

Empires & Puzzles owners, we are no longer small.
This was long time ago…
Now, we are bigger, many of us (over 80% from players) have years of play…

  1. At the beginning the ASCEND materials was more then now, when we need them more, because we have 5 stars heroes which need this ascend materials…
    We have no longer 3 stars heroes, we have more 5 stars. We look at them like… we do at a statue from the centre of cities…
    Why? Because you don’t give us ascend materials…
    The normal chests are empty, the 5 titans are empty or with one single ascend material on 5 to 8 chests…
    This is not possible…
    Many players want to give up and erase the game because of this…
    The puzzles? You made it impossible!
    Not even in Candy Crush you don’t see this, at the highest levels…
    Your control is to high… At all levels…
    Is like Facebook with Cambridge Analitica and rest…
    My God…
    Is just a game…
    Let us play…
    Give as what we need at least like at the beginning…
    You take as all and wait just money… Money, money, money… Then more money…
    We feel that… And… We are not agreed to spend, because we spend already too much for a game, and don’t see our money in the game…
    We have 5 stars statues, not heroes…
    What do you want from us?
    More money?
    What do you want to give us these ascend materials?
    Every titan must have for every player at least ONE ascend material…
    Every chest must have for every player at least ONE ascend material…
    Every 5 titan chest must have for every player at least ONE ascend material or TWO, because we wait 5 titans for this one… 5, not just one… And you give us empty…
    And not just one… 7 - 8 chests are empty, and after that you put inside, one Warm Cape or other 3 stars ascend material… How that sound on you? Sound’s good? :thinking:
    I don’t think so…
  2. Please insert the romanian language too…
    This game have just few phrases or words… Is that so hard for you to find a romanian translator and ask for him for these words and insert it in the next update?
    This is a respect form for your romanian players… And it’s a big number of them…
  3. Please, consider the time zone so that the titans do not appear at night when everyone is asleep … Or at least 95% of the players. The war too… I guess it’s not that hard for you…
  4. The price for offers… You put romanian country at the same level with other countries, like UK, USA, Finland, Norway, Germany, France, etc…
    They have a monthly salary of at least 1200 euros/month. We have 400 euros. How do you think we can buy offers that have the same prices as others, which win 4-5 times more? I’m telling you … We can’t! So make a par with the minimum wage in the economy of each country where this game is played, in order to allow all players to be able to purchase the offers just like the others. It’s impossible for me to give you 499,99 lei for the best offer…
    This is 25% from my salary…
    Is like you ask to one Finland player, which have at least 1800 euros/month, 450 euros for the your best offer… Try this and see how many Finland players will give you this money for your best offer.
    I guess none…
    I hope you will understand our demands and do something to help us play this game for pleasure, for fun, and not uninstall and run to another game who respect the players…
    Thank you from all players from We Play Naked alliance!

Titans spawn every 23 hours. While they may be spawning NOW for you in the middle of the night, they will eventually be spawning in the afternoon, middle of the day and morning.


i agree that each opened titan and war chest should have an ascension item in them.

the wage things is another issue cause at the end of the day all you E&P is FTP.

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It’s kind of interesting. The lack of ascension materials has turned my spending off completely. There’s no need to spend if you already have 5 stars waiting, with the pace of ascension mats so slow.

It’s nice to hear that someone else isn’t getting mats, I haven’t even been getting 3 star AM lately. Many people are saying they are getting 1 AM per day, I’m actually going to start counting now, because mine is no where near that.

Not sure they will change the price based on location, it sounds like you are better off being C2P anyway, just get the VIP.

Yes they should translate, but it’s not as easy as you would think.


These are valid points.

I hope to see some kind of SGG response. not verbal… actions speak louder than words.


This is like Facebook with Cambridge Analytica? Really? Are you sure?


Hey BMW, why do you set your prices in Poland as you do in Germany? New serie 3 should be 50% cheaper here because we earn less than Germans.

There are international alliances. We have players from Europe, USA and Middle East. For us it’s good as it is.


Have you ever considered the fact that most E&P alliances are not local, but international, spreading over a wide range of time zones? Whenever I wake up to go to work here, some alliance member goes to bed at the other end of the world. The 22 + 1 hours life cycle of a titan is perfect. It shifts the spawning time with a hour every day. This way, all players get to be around when a titan spawns, not only those in a specific time zone.

The game is free to play. Spending money is a personal choice. I spent 0 (zero) lei in 14 month and I’m perfectly happy with my progress.

You got a point here, they should do that, there’s lots of us playing.

The game is an endurance race, not a sprint… materials come at a very reasonable rate for those who don’t spend a lot of money on summons. Beside, now materials have fallen from grace, emblems are what advanced players want most.

Hai noroc!


and if you wanna have many more years of play, you should stop whining and let sg do their job

20 ridiculous baby cries


This is the reason for you have second hand BMW cars and not new…
You drive the cars who germans sell after hundred thousands of kilometers.
I glad you understand, at least in your answer, my point, even if your try to not say it with words.
Take care!

I do think the AM and even loot drop from beating stages has been off for quite some time now.

And I agree there should be some sort of “Big Mac” compromise based on Country of origin from each player.

Of course I could be F2P, but I would love to be more competitive and spend more money if the prices weren’t so absurd compared to money ratio/value. I’m not saying to just change everything, but a compromise.

Niantic successfully did that in Brazil with the lowest “pokecoins” offer being adjusted to a Brazilian friendly price. All other offers could still based in US dollars conversion. So, if SG would implement a per-country based price only for the 400 gems offer, it would already help many players in Economic struggling countries and just grow their paying player base.

If I wanted a deal with say “a Tabard, troops etc, though, I’d have to pay full price.

As I said, just a compromise, but it could really help both players and SG.


Look, I don’t agree with all the OP is saying but there’s no reason to disqualify some of his points just because you don’t like his attitude as a Romanian.

I’m a Brazilian, I wouldn’t complain in this fashion but can’t we just try to reason here instead of just bashing a fellow Romanian?

No need for sarcastic debauchery, @Orichalcum-Aife


I also want Romania Rises every 4th Tuesday of the month.


I just want them to do something with the titan chest rewards, they’re often worse than the regular monster chest which you can do twice or three times a day. Titan chest is a minimum of 5 days.


What can I say… Probably nothing, since you probably are a young… I don’t know your age, but you don’t think right, like an adult does, from all sides, mine and others. And that’s a bad thing, because you think just în one way. What if this way is wrong? :thinking:
Take a good care of you… :wink:

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I don’t have a major issue with AM (except for a shortage of Tomes :stuck_out_tongue:). I manage to keep 2-3 5* leveling projects going at all times. I primarily use TC11 for feeders, plus all the 3* I keep pulling from TC20.

Now if I was a spender I would probably be doing everything I can to buy AM for all the heroes I summoned. Gamble on the deals, use flasks and items to score high in challenge events, aim for a top alliance killing 10-12* titans. If you spend on heroes you have to be willing to spend on items for them.

If not, F2P is the way to go.

PS E&P is the game. When you say “We are no longer SMALL, E&P” you are talking to the player base.

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It really makes no sense that they restrict 4* mats so much. If it was possible to ascend 5* heroes i would do more pulls, but why bother pulling for new heroes if we never get the mats. It is many weeks since i got a 4* mat apart from in rare quests. They would make so much more money if they just stopped nerfing the loot, and gave us a reason to do pulls. Titan chests take a week to fill and never give anything. My last 3 coloured chests have given tall boots and chainmail. War chest takes many weeks to fill and the last one also gave me tall boots… just common sense, increase the lot for chests that take so long to fill. Don’t get me started on the raid tournament. In the last one i finished in 759th place and got pure junk for my efforts. The logic of it eludes me.

@Orichalcum-Aife and @ Blu33y3s35


Are you F2P or a spender? IF F2P the mats aren’t restricted really compared to heroes. If spender then you need to be prepared to spend on mats just as you spent on heroes.

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