We are "Mostly Harmless!" and looking for you!

We are a newly founded, ambitioned alliance, looking for longterm companions!

:fire: Are you annoyed by left over war tickets and poor excuses?

:fire: We are offering an easy going, funny spot in our active alliance.

:fire: We expect 100% war and titan participation and mutual respect amongst the members.

:fire: Lets discuss (tactics, heroes, ascension…)

We just took out a rare 6* titan with only 10 members! 3 wars, 3 wins so far. 20 spots available. Trophies required 1800. 7/10 members are 4000+, wanted TP at least 3700+.

tl:dr; 6* titans with 11 Members, successful war strategy, no war flags left, rl goes first, communication is key

Find us inGame: Mostly Harmless!
Leader: Katee

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Would you be interested in a merger? I think we share similar values.
This is us The Incognitos - 20 players, 10*/11* titans. Line req'd
We’ve been together nearly a couple of months and have never left a war flag. Our regular titan is 11* and have had a 12* drop by.

Nevertheless, GL with recruitment.

And if y’all got extras from a merge send them our way at WorldPeaceTreaty :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for your offer, but we are not interested in merging :wink:
We have a “hard” core of members, some of them real life friends, and we want to built an alliance along our “beliefs” - open communication, no pressure yet ambition, mutual respect, and of course acknowledging that everybody has a real life.

Good luck to you 2 :wink:


Hi iNik, sounds interesting to me! U are still looking?

Are you using discord?

@princess1 We don’t have Line or Discord at the moment. So far we are good with the ingame chat and alliance message (e.g. for war strategy)
We are open for suggestions though.

I highly recommend discord so you can share screenshots, download calendar info, offer tips, etc.

Once you start using it, you will wonder how you managed without it!

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I know the system, and i also think it is quite useful. But we want to keep the alliance united and not separated in those participating in Discord and those who don’t.
But thanks for the feedback!

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@Fuchur19 Yes, we are still looking. We are currently on a 8* Titan and 12 members :wink:

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