We are in an urgent need to buff the bunnies! We need more bunnies!

After doing an extensive research of half a day, I came to the conclusion we need to buff the bunnies.
First of all, we need more of them in game. There are ducks that are STILL not nerfed, and they rightfully should be! Look at them flying around, not even caring they’re sharing the samw flying space with a dragon! The audacity!

Bunnies, however! They are so kind and loving, and honestly, the only heroes thay inflict damage onto themselves. If that ain’t selfless, I don’t know what is.

I suggest adding them, for the beginning, among the villagers where they’d be prancing around peacefully and lovingly like the fluffy creatures they are. We can add a POV task, to lightly tap the screen which would be equal to petting (please, pun not intended) a bunny.

After that, I’d suggest having more bunny heroes which would be immune to nerfs, for obvious reasons.

And then… The game will be ours.


Bunnies multiply fast. I demand SG/Zynga produce as many bunny heroes in a given year, as a real life bunny pair can produce in a year!


Yes! Because once that happens we can talk about how in need of a buff bunnies are! Once there are many of them, who’s gonna say no to buffing Killhare? We need Killhare to be fast to be competitive in today’s meta.


In that case we also need Master Lepus to be very fast.


This is an understatement. Look how ducks are flying over our strongholds while dragon keeps its distance. I think that ducks are even mightier than dragons, but they are gentle nature, so they are harmless.

I would go even further and I would banish all villagers and welcome bunnies to our strongholds. I bet that zombie-like gloomy villagers would never accept fluffly and cute bunnies, so let’s not start another war. Banish the villagers!


Why only bunnies ? Why not add in dogs and cats ? Which stronghold has no cats and dogs?


I’ve been saying that this whole time! Plus, no -% mana, we should buff bunnies to their full glory!


Thank you for doing this :rabbit:


Yeah, good point. Dragon is being thoughtful. Maybe he knows something about villagers we don’t? :thinking:

I mean, who even needs people? Villagers do what exactly? Nothing. Just walk around aimlessly. Maybe because they’re hungry, never thought of that :thinking:
Out with the villagers, in with the bunnies!


and they both should heal 50% of the damage they deal! for all allies! whooo!


I had bunny takeover and world domination in mind, but I guess that works too. Puts back big sharp knives in the drawer



Hey random but i couldnt find your original post that i wanted to reply to. I think your playstyle is very similar to mine… lots of healing and boosting and battle of attritiom


:joy: I must say it doesn’t come as a surprise, but hear me out. How about keeping villagers and unleashing Killhare amongst them?

The girl oneshots whole teams single-handedly. Imagine what she would do to villagers, swinging her novelty-sized sword left and right?

It’d satisfy your villager blood thirst and bunny aficionados all at once. Just think about it.


I was expecting you to be here… And I was prepared for your post about how villagers are poor and nice and whatever. But this:

:star_struck: Yes, please! What an event! I think it would be my favourite one!
I was also surprised that you got a duck in your title, I was going to say that you don’t deserve it, but now I will turn a blind eye to it. Just please, take care of it, pet it and be nice to it!


What E&P would look like by next week:



I mean I don’t know about nice, but if they aren’t poor, they’re hiding it pretty well. :joy:

:joy: I knew you would like it.

Does eating it count as taking care of it?


You’re probably right, I don’t deserve it.


i’m sure it won’t let you, because:

so I’m not afraid that you may “accidentaly” eat it. :smiley:

Anyway, let’s not make this another thread about ducks. Ducks can take care of themselves. Let’s talk about poor bunnies! My Lepus approves this petition for buffs.


Yeah, I’m not a very imposing guy, so I can see it kicking my *ss fair and square.

Mine does too. :fist: :rabbit:


Let us both into the village and we’ll take care of it. Check out our avatars and some of our innocent posts in the ducks thread. We are qualified. :smiling_imp:


Thanks @Theo87 for another fundamental thread in this forum. No one can object to competent bunnies discussing scientifically. :face_with_monocle:

You should have tagged me! :imp:

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