We are hoping to join with small alliance

Any small alliance want to join forces? We have 18 so if anyone is interested leaders can stay leaders etc. We win wars and all active players.
Let’s grow faster!

Nocturnal Winds Alliances has 18 spots available between 2 alliances. Nocturnal Winds is a very active and competitive alliance with 7 spots available, Nocturnal Winds Zephyr is a more casual feel/training alliance with 11 spots currently open. We use discord for communication between the 2 groups and sometimes move back and forth depending on the personal goals of the player. Let me know if that might interest you guys and I can give you our discord link and we can talk further.

Also here from Nocturnal Winds. We’d be happy to have you guys join the family. Keep us in mind, I think you’ll enjoy being with us. =]

You are welcome to join into “Across the River Styxx” we are a group of 8 people currently who Focus on war and let our Titan be optional. 7 of the 8 of us hit the titan daily. One doesnt because its not his thing…

If you are interested check us out, My Line ID is :Thndrdrag

I’m also from Nocturnal Winds! Please keep us in mind. We are a very active/chatty alliance. There’s always someone to answer your questions whether it be about the game or what to cook for dinner.

Nocturnal Winds is a great group, and it’s nice to have the alliance family. The only thing to consider would be who’d go to NW and NW Zephry, but all members can still chat together in Discord!

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