We are have our breaking points with SGG. What are the Moderators' breaking point?

First off, I have the utmost respect for our thankless moderators. They help us, inform us and have to babysit those who follow rules poorly.

With questionable choices being made to the game, the moderators have been delightfully honest with thier opinions and shared disappointment that a lot of us are feeling. All this work they do is for no compensation, just for their love of the game like the rest of us.

So my question is, at what point do the moderators feel like SGG is not listening to the players and they choose to absolve their duties? Gotta be honest, the current crop of mods are so helpful and patient…this forum would be nothing without them. Feel free to answer or not, I’d like to think perhaps some better decisions by the Staff would not only make your jobs easier…but also bring a needed handshake to the entire community.

Cheers and a much deserved fist bump,


It’s more keeping the balance and keeping everyone informed. Have respect for all of them.
Being in beta they do actually read everything, I put a small thang about a hero and was noted In the feed back ok that’s in their brain will anything happen?
Mods can only soo much on here I asked @Rook @Guvnor how can I better on the fourm only today. I’d ask the others if I had them.
The more vocal general public are will have more affect on the game imo @Suicide_Bunny post is quality on the beta thread.


Thanks Dudeious. @Suicide_Bunny has a TON of quality posts. It’s clear the players are getting fed up. Asking the mods how to help is a great idea, they are the heartbeat of this forum. The outside world is tenuious enough, we don’t need entertainment causing ill feelings.


LOL. I remember a thread somewhere here that one of our revered moderator was called a “site police”. Lol.

I can’t believe they do this for free as it is time-consuming, stressful, tedious, etc. I think they get compensated somehow either with salaries or 50k gems monthly or free heroes, troops and ascension mats in their inbox or anything that can serve as remuneration for all the efforts made like creating long but very useful and informative threads, or merging, closing or reopening threads, or expertly providing their insights in almost all facets of the game.

Regardless, for me, whether they work for SG or not is irrelevant, their work here in the community forum is invaluable. Imagine the chaos this forum if we don’t have them moderators.

I salute you !!


If only they did. The mods and content creators do it all out of the kindness of their hearts. They should at least get a special avatar or something


I’m not sure if this will be helpful, because everyone’s “breaking point” is different…

But there are two games I quit with a vengeance before I came here, run by different companies.

One was sooo twisted, I wrote on their Forum that I believed their game was a psychological experiment run to intentionally harm their players. (And funnily enough, I was also a moderator there). :flushed:

The other required over $200 monthly just to stand still, not succeed, at the game.

I’m still C2P here. I’m the lowest player in my alliance. But I still want to play. I love the combination of match-3, collect card, raise heroes, build town (I need more town, darn it!)…the game just hits me at my sweet spot.

Now if only my Troops were higher… :grin:

P.S. If I was unclear, I’m not going anywhere. I like the game. I’m not even close to grabbing torches and pitchforks. I promise to be very vocal if this changes. :wink:


That’s where I am.
People are starting to laugh at me for being such a long time player with such low troops.


The blame is not on moderators…they do a fantastic job and let’s be honest they often get blamed even if they have no responsability at all.
This new cycle of costumes found a strong community that altogether said a big wide “No” to SGG.
Moderators were fantastic in their approach admitting that what was happening was just too much.
Honestly even if I’ll review my spending habits with the game I’m not quitting.
I still love the game,my alliance, the community and the mods.
Everyone on the board is very helpful and kind.
The blame is all on devs


TFW you’re watching moderators hit their breaking point in real time:

Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 11.43.17 AM

Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 11.42.49 AM

Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 1.11.02 PM

Strength & patience, friends. Thanks for all you do, you deserve a lot more than a ballcap and t-shirt for this and everyone knows it :kissing_heart:


Are you sure that’s why they’re laughing at you? :thinking:


That’s actually a new feature discourse added recently. It’s to help promote thoughtful discussion in fast moving or contentious discussions. You can see how it works - users must wait before posting again in said topics.

While I can’t take credit for setting it in motion recently, I like this tool. :relaxed:


I’m not certain I’m able to answer as @Guvnor changed my title. :innocent:


Thanks for responses @littleKAF & @Rook. It’s great hearing your thoughts. Players can froth but you have to temper your disappointment a little. Either way you all do a lot for a little and we are all better off for your hard work. Cheers!


No It is just another reason for them to laugh at me.



I believe we may be about to find out the answer to this question.

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I was the same…lvl 11’s with people on 23+ around me. I still pulled my weight but I did make a big effort to work on them and now I’m working on getting to 18. I still have a 4700+ war defence so I think they can cope with me :joy:


Me too! They have improved a bit recently but at 2 years+ they are all still 17 or under

When I was trying to get into a high level alliance my troops were the main reason that I got push-back. Which boggles me, as troops have the least amount of impact in the game relative to roster, emblemes, and skill


I’ll chime in on this too. The moderators have been great, and devoting a lot of time and love to the forum, the community and the game.

It’s a shame the recent events may have demoralized them: Frigg/Odin “rebalance” nerf, followed by the proposed introduction of even more unbalanced costumes and Villain event beta heroes, all following the Telluria/Vela fiasco …

I know some are wondering if the direction the game is taking is contrary to the sage advice they have given the development team in private and in public.

Much appreciation for them airing their opinions and thoughts on all that in recent posts.