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For current openings, check the latest comment!

We Are Groot Family - About Us

The We Are Groot (WAG) Family is a clan of alliances, catering to every stage & type of EnP player. The Family has been an active part of the EnP community for almost 2 years now!

Our Premiere Alliance, Vol. 1, was founded in early December in 2017! Since then, WAG has expanded to be a family of 5 alliances, ranging in power & competitiveness from the Top 50 global alliances to a Casual play when you want country club!

The family features some popular names in the EnP world including @BarryWuzHere, the author and architect of EnP’s most comprehensive Farming Guide! With these names & players there is SOOO much in house knowledge that if ya ever got a question, you’ll always get an answer… or 5 :stuck_out_tongue:

Titans are a must in all competitive volumes, War is expected.
Line app is highly highly recommended.
We use it for communications as well as for sharing pics, videos, memes, jokes etc… as well as facilitating inter-alliance relations & chatting. (see below if you don’t know what it is)

About the Volumes

Our family works on a direct tiered set of alliances with opportunities to move up and down as you need and are able to. We cater to all aspects of and have a place for everyone.
In short, the 5 levels to WAG are:

  • Vol. 1 = 13-14* Titans, 20+ maxed lvl 80 heroes
  • Vol. 2 = 11-12* Titans, 25+ lvl 70s (or higher).
  • Vol. 3 = 9-10* Titans, 15+ Lvl 70s (or higher), war ready with remaining heroes.
  • Vol. 4 = Training alliance, fighting 7-8* Titans. All welcome
  • Vol. 0 = Country Club/ Vacation Home. Play when you want/ if you can. Fight 3-6* titans.

Click below for more details about the alliances!

Vol 1 Details

Volume 1
Top 50 alliance lead by the charming and witty @rottikat and her faithful side-kick Sirotec. V1 has been running the longest of our alliances and is currently chaining 13 & 14* titans. Solid war strategy and filled with names that are known across the EnP community!
Extremely Competitive war strategy used in both Weekday & Weekend Wars, typically scoring in the 6k points region (occasionally 7k!!).

Recruiting Poster:


Vol 2 Details

Volume 2
Vol 2 is a top 150-200 alliance with myself (@Guvnor) as the leader. We kill 11* titans with ease & usually knock down 1-2 12*. Best we ever got was a 13* but that took some doing!

Coordinated strategy on both Offence & Defence used for both Weekend & Weekday Wars. Usually scoring between 5.8 & 6.5k. Win rate at approx 65-70%.

Recruiting Poster:

Vol 3 Details

Volume 3
Vol 3 is our next level down, lead by StormwildCA.
Her loyal team are knocking down the 9* titans when they have to and smash the 10*. Occasionally get the odd 11* dead too but not on the regular.
Coordinated War strategy used on weekends with Weekday wars being Free-For-All to avoid RL coordination problems.

Recruiting Poster:

Vol 4 Details - **Training Alliance**

Volume 4
Our training alliance being led by the knowledgeable and organised Jon. The gang here are super supportive in helping you grow in both the game & your knowledge! V4 currently are hammering all the 7* titans, knock down most 8*. As a training alliance it is CAPPED at 8* titans.

Recruiting Poster:

How to apply?

To apply you can:

  1. Comment on this thread here (I’ll respond within a day usually).
  2. Apply in game if you meet the requirements specified above. Simply search “We Are Groot Vol” and pick your poison
  3. Reach out via Line App. Simply search for @Alexia on Line (Alexia101)
    (For those who dont know, Line is a 3rd party free anonymous messaging app. Link to Line App)

I Am Groot!! [Thanks for your time, Apply Today!!]


Current Openings - 22nd November, 2019

Volume 1 = FULL
Volume 2 = 2 spaces
Volume 3 = Looking for 4 or 5 (Open for a small merge?)
Volume 4 = Looking for 2

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I just want to know if your entire game chat is I am Groot over and over all day, every day.


I Am Groot [100%… get fluent in Groot pretty quick]


We Are Groot!!!


30th November:

Groot Vol 1 - No spaces but are taking applicants
Groot Vol 2 - 1 spare seat
Groot Vol 3 - 3 Spare currently, 2 extras who are visiting
Groot Vol 4 - 2 Seats

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14th of December:

Groot Vol 1 - 1 or 2 spaces available
Groot vol 2 - currently Full. Taking wait list/ interest still :slight_smile:
Groot Vol 3 - 5 spaces available
Groot Vol 4 - 3 available spaces

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30th December

Groot Vol 1 - 2 spaces available
Groot Vol 2 - 2 spaces available
Groot Vol 3 - 8 seats free
Groot Vol 4 - 5 seats free

PM me or comment here if you’re interested!


Feel free to discuss anything related

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GROOOt is social…


In groot we trust lol … Happy new year, sports.


More than 2 years at the top !
Congrats Groot :slight_smile:

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Thanks all for the kind words! wishing you all a Happy New Year also

Current Openings - 3rd January

Groot Vol 1 - 1 spaces available
Groot Vol 2 - 1 spaces available
Groot Vol 3 - 9 seats free with 2 visitors (11 total)
Groot Vol 4 - 4 seats free

To join vol.1 (top 100)
Contact Line ID rottikat or Guvnor81 .
They are nice fellows.

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I’ve been playing for about 10 months now. Most of that time I was simply concerned with learning the game and improving my roster. I have never been a member of an alliance, but am now ready to join one. I think. Lol. I saw this listing and am interested in learning more. I’m currently Level 34 and usually float between 2100-2250 cups. My highest team power is ~3900. My most powerful hero is Frida 4/80 +3. She is the only 5* that I have fully leveled, but I also have Marjana at 4/65 not far behind. Does that sound good enough to start or should I worry about continuing to improve more first?

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Hiya @BigE1, thanks for reaching out!

Sounds like a great time to join an alliance. In honesty probably a bit late but can’t help that now :slight_smile:

Do you perchance have Line app? If so/ if you could get it, PM me your roster and we can chat about the best volume for you!

I’ve been in many top 100 alliances.
But this one is a must…
experienced players, always ready to help…
Most of the members are for 2 years in the same family …
Vol.1 has spots available. be part of it.
as they say : come as member, stay as family…


Dont’t hesitate to contact Guvnor, he’s a really nice Guy.
Line : Guvnor81

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Thanks for the kind words!

Couldn’t have said it better myself then this:

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I’m from Belgium.
You look very popular :slight_smile:You’re what I’m looking for : a stable and friendly alliance.
Can you explain me how to join VOL.1 or Vol.2


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