Wayward Phoenix - looking for some wayward soles

We are a global team - I’m from NZ and we have players in the States and Europe. (the time difference can be a real benefit) The team is very active, supportive and respectful.

The bulk of the team have been together for 2 years and are level 50-60 Ideally we’d like new members of 30+ but we have left the trophies requirement lower so if you’re below that but growing fast we’d be happy for you to grow with us.

We are taking down 8-9 level titans consistently - with a few more members level 10 would be easily achievable.

Wars are not a requirement but if you don’t opt out then as a good team player you’d use all your flags.

If you’re looking here then you’re probably considering joining a new alliance - Message me or come and spend some time with us, you might end up staying!


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Nice to see that this forum works - a few more soles certainly wouldn’t go a miss.

Just bumping this up… still keen to find some team members :slight_smile:

I’m interested, but wonder if I’m strong enough to be very useful. Level 26, 1728 trophies. Looking for an alliance that hits higher level titans, my current one hits 2/3 stars, but I’m not sure I’m ready for 8 stars… I’m definitely interested.


You’re welcome to join and see what you think.

You may have to sit our wars for a little bit - really need at least 3 teams over 3,000 to make it worth your while (and ours -although having someone on the team to take out the single hero that survived a battle can be very useful - saves a heavy hitter having to use a flag)

No harm in taking a look… we are a friendly bunch so you’ll be warmly welcomed.


It’s a bump to the left… and step to the right

Quick think of something witty that will attract new team mates…

Great to get a few new members - we’re still keen for a few more. Come check us out :slight_smile:

Bumping our recruiting message - come and check us out

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