Way to keep track of received loot?

I had a spreadsheet to track all the loot I received via chests. I have lost it some how and been doing it by hand. I was just seeing if anyone had it by chance.
Thanks in advance

If you are referring to YOUR spreadsheet, I kind sir do NOT have it…

Have you tried Google for a template of such ? Or alliance external group MSG’s/docs archives ?

I don’t t keep track of anything, I am sure looking back my wasted months would show nothing good lol , so I avoid any disappointment. :sunglasses:


You can find much of your recent rewards, 3* and above, in options/support/recent activity in the game. I hope this helps.


Yeah I’ve tried to search it pretty intently with no luck. I want to say that I saw it on 7 D gaming or something but Thanks for the feedback though

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