Way to get HOTM avatars

Hi all.
I have some idea that will allow players to get some new avatars.

Let SG make new missions - to kill 300 heroes of the month to receive their avatars.
For example:
Kill 300 Onatels during raids to receive Onatel’s Avatar.
Kill 300 Evelyns during raids to receive Evelyn’s Avatar.
Kill 300 Kunchens during raids to receive Kunchen’s Avatar.

Let me know od You Luke this idea :wink:

I like the avatar idea and the possibility to have Delilah as my avatar without spending 1200 gem, lol.
To prevent SG lost the revenue, but also gave some advantages to player to get this awesome avatar, lets make this base on how long the player play this game. For Example: 6 month player got a chance to have 1 token that you can change it with 4* avatar after kill let say **** heroes, and only can do it once, 1 year 1 token of 5* avatar and another token after 2 ,3 year and soon.
Token make the avatar random, so SG will still have revenue for one who wanna buy the avatar they want, but in other hand also give reward for loyal player to get variety of avatar.
PS: love you start this , anything that gave me free avatar, will make me happy , :wink:

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