Watchtower Stats - Where to find them?

Is there anywhere I can find stats about the watchtower, like which outposts add how much food, the bonuses each level gives, etc.?

Google e&p wiki…go to base…go to watchtower

Thanks! Haha, however, the stats are incomplete for some reason…and exactly at the WT level I’m currently at, WT11. Any other resources?

There is an old thread in here, but cannot remember name. All I can say is run a search for watchtower.

Good luck

I can give you some lvl 20 stats:

total food storage capacity: 184.000
total iron storage capacity: 86.400
base hourly food production: 6.986
max hourly food production (21 outposts): 14.321
base hourly ore production: 3.616
max hourly ore production (21 outposts): 7.414

Some other numbers here: Upgrade storage or generator first?

Interesting, my Lvl 20 Watchtower is 14,321 food/hr, 184,950 total. Did you miss type or are you actually 1k less food/hr?

My iron stats match yours…

All farms/mines are maxed.

A 3 should have been a 4 :blush:

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