Watchtower showing false "full"

My watchtower is showing the yellow graphic for Full, yet when I go to collect, it’s only half-full.

EDIT: Encountered this problem a short while ago, roughly 12:30 pm CST on Sunday afternoon. This was the first time I have seen this error ever in the game.

My one-off random wild theory, sometimes the game lags reporting that you’ve been attacked if you saw it when you just logged in; half full would be right if someone just raided you and the client side hadn’t updated yet.

That’s all I can think of, sounds strange otherwise to be sure.

I get the problem occasionally and suspect that:

(1) the tower was full… (2) then i got raided… (3) then the tower was not full. It appears as though the update routine is only for the user emptying the tower and not a raid emptying it.

I don’t 100% remember if hams were still flowing in… but i think that i checked and they were.