Watchtower: Raids Against toggle

One thing that drives me crazy is missing the opportunity to revenge someone. Not for the trophies or hams or iron but for the satisfaction of getting the revenge. As my defense has grown stronger, it wins quite a few raids against it. This leads to more raids against me while I do little real life things like work or sleep. With more raids, there have been a couple times my chance for revenge is lost at the end of the list in the Watchtower. What if there was a toggle like in the raid tournaments that seperrated out my raids, raid wins for my defense and raid losses for my defense? This would help to narrow the chance I would lose a chance to revenge.

Once you log out from the game, other players have the opportunity to either attack you or get revenge for the cups, food, iron, recruits and filling in their hero chest. And once you get back in the game, the first thing (or perhaps the second, after seeing your base) you would see are the logs of your watchtower defense. By then, you have the opportunity to get back at those who successfully attacked you, or prefer to search for a high rewarding opponent. After several more attacks coming from you and the enemy, the old attack logs are removed from your watchtower list. I guess the system only limits the time and/or list of possible revenge to be made. Otherwise, it would be possible to get more than 51 cups due to revenge because of the large disparity of cups between players.

Not everyone raids the people back straight away some people just fill there raid chest and that’s it.
Having the revenge still there is a bonus as it doesn’t cost you nothing to revenge and still fill your chest.
Maybe have a delete system on what you want to keep in there and get rid off would be easier.

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If I am filling my chest, those I defeated that were not revenges have a chance to revenge against me. So, as soon as I log off, it seems everyone hits me at the same time. At this point I’m out of flags due to me trying to fill my chest. So, with the time it takes to get a few flags back, there is a long list. That long list of revenges and enemy raids make it a challenge to get the ones now residing at the bottom of the list revenged before they disappear and I lose my chance. If they happen to be online at the time, I almost certainly will not get my revenge. So, with that, a delete or seperration of catagories would help my chances of getting my revenge. Just an idea on how to ensure someone doesn’t get away with robbing me of all my trophies…I hopefully can get some back!

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