Watchtower outputs

Hello all. I’d like to know how watchtower loot works.
In fact I have my watchtower at lvl 18. That gives me 133 k of food and 76800 of iron when full. And when I go to sleep I collect all resources. At wake up, I notice when I’ve been raided resources taken from my WT are sometimes not enough. Is it because resources produced crossed the middle bar (/) or something else ?
I got raided like crazy and can lose at least 250 cups. Some raids take only cups but none resources.
Here’s a picture to see clear

MaulLOL and Madmaks85

If you look at my raids, there are entries for food and iron that I got raiding and that I lost in a raid.

Your raids showing don’t indicate it, but it must have happened on others…

BWH, I continue to scratch my head over what resources raiders win. Some nights they get nothing like the OP shows, other nights it is some set amount that does not change no matter how long the tower was left untended nor the number of cups taken.

And, I cannot prove it but it sure seems I lose much more when I leave the game to post here. Really lol

I’ve noticed the same thing. When I’m active during the day, logging in & out, ham & iron loss fluctuates. Overnight the losses are fixed no matter how full my tower is.

I believe there are some watchtower changes beyond what we initially thought.
Before we would lose 50% of whatever is in our watchtower.
With the latest changes to prevent cup dropping I assumed that the lower the cups you are, the lower the percentage you can steal from a raid.
And it would increase back up to 50% the higher you get, like say in Diamond.

What I’m finding is that I can’t find an opponent with lower than 10k hams while in diamond tier. Before the change I could never find one above. Are they adding a flat number of resources to my raid win?
I also noticed an odd loss of resources, like you guys have. My tower could have 50k or more in it and all I see is this same resource loss last night.

At other times it’s a different fixed number, like 3k.
I don’t know what to make of it. But I’m not complaining, I win more resources than I did before in diamond, and I lose less even though my watchtower has been upgraded tremendously.

That being said, Thanks SG!

The changes have made me motivated to upgrade my tower, I left it at 10 for awhile. Once I max my last farm the tower is next.

Its the right way to go. I was at a low level like you for the longest time. Now I wake up to a tower with over 100k ham in it.

I play often enough to keep mine fairly cleaned out, and get a lot of it, but these changes make upgrading it much more attractive here too (20 hours 'till WT15!). I’m even making upgrading food storage so I can hold enough for the upgrades a priority, 'tho I’ll need it for other things too like researching dragon attacks for my forge, and eventually researching TC19 and TC20.

One thing I like about WT upgrades is that it appears to stay online and keep producing during the upgrade, unlike farms and mines. Nice little bonus there.


I was waiting until Khagan got to 2^60 and war started. Will max hams a bit over 2 million and wd builder should free up about then so I can spend a million to get wt up to lvl17.

Last time I tried something like this wss whem cup drop nerf was done. Yikes

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