Watchtower looted even though emptied

Running latest IOS. Not in top 100. I empty watchtower and exit. As seen in pic, while I’m gone a successful raid takes no resources. But when I return a raid in progress completes and takes half of my watchtower resources.

This bug was introduced in either version 24 or 25.

Enemy’s loot actually does not equal to the current resources available in watchtower.

In the pic you have not emptied your watchtower.

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It was collected. Note how a raid while offline didn’t lose any resources. Clearly was offline then because that raid was a half hour ago, but eligible to collect watchtower loot so over an hour has elapsed (actually about 1.5 hours).

Then what is strange is why that player didn’t get any loot at all, your watchtower should have been filled at that time.

There is no such thing a player to not get any loot at all. This is only what is listed, not the reality. And it is listed the owner didn’t lose resources, not that the raider didn’t get.

I will get tired eventually of how many times I explained before, how the raids, revenges and watchtower work :slight_smile:

The thing you (you, all viwers, not yelnats) all need to know, there is no such thing as available loot food 0 iron 0. Any player gets something, raid or revenge. But in revenges, if the attacker has emptied the tower before attacking you, in his tower log will appear you didn’t get resources at all on revenge; but you did, obviously.

Let me clarify once more. Every time a player enters raid icon, in the downside of the page is written “my watchtower”. That is the loot the player who got attacked, will take back from you, the attacker. If you empty the tower and attack, then in your tower log will appear the avenger got no resources, only the trophies from you. But this is not true. The minimum loot in the game is 4k food and 2k iron. Resources the avenger will get if revenge is successful. But not the resources you lost. Because you lose nothing, in fact.

And the second important thing is: anytime you go offline, first empty the tower. No matter how many times you get attacked, you lose nothing. Only the attackers get loot, the owner doesn’t lose it actually.

I know @DracoLovesRi said at other thread few days ago something has changed, but I should have noticed. Nothing has changed, at least for my two accounts. I always find the right amount of resources in my tower.

Now, from my understanding, OP says is no problem with that. But after he goes online and he gets attacked in the first minutes, he loses the resources (because he didn’t empty the tower when entered the game). Now, I will say again, this never happened to me, though I was attacked after minutes I went online. The reason is simple. The raider began his attack while you were offline and finished when you were online. However, this changes nothing. Because when he started the attack, he already had displayed the available loot (which is minimum, if you emptied the tower before went offline). So he cannot gain more than he had displayed, neither you lose something.

Again, if something changed, I would have noticed :slight_smile:

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Well I had similar issue this morning . I emptied my watchtower and logged off and when I logged in back the raid was active and my opponent took small amount of ham and iron. I believe no one can show a proof of this as this was not expected. Eventually you will also face the same occurance at some point in the game and understand it’s a bug.

PS : I revenged him and took more resource than I lost.

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This might have been fixed in the maintenance earlier this week. With my current defense I don’t get hit so much, but I’ve had two online hits since then and both functioned correctly. Before, they always displayed the bug.

… further instances of online raids with no bug …
Then bug reappeared Feb 8, possibly related to updated IOS v13.3.1 (17D50).

Bug has continued to appear 100% of the time since Feb 8.

Did you submit a ticket?

I submitted one today.

Was able to capture a snapshot. You can see the watchtower was collected and has 4 min for collection and the lost raid took part of my resource while I am online.

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