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I am a beginner have Strongold lvl 11, with mills, mines on the same level, storages too. I faced after a night, my food stocks were full. OK, I did not consume enough.
Pressing the Watchtower’s collect button all the irons went into the iron storage not but a single ham. Then I consumed food and wanted to fill up my storage again.
No but it is not possible, ad the “collect” button in the Watchtower is hidden although the food resorces are full. According the screenshot I can get my collected foods after an hour only.

This must have been a bug.

Not only, I cannot get my own already collected food, even but I cannot collect more as the Watchtower’s food storage is full

You can only collect every hour.

Most likely your food storage was full when you first went to collect and after making space for it, the button was locked for the next hour.

It’s a bit of a dumb mechanic tbh, but it’s how it works


It is a bug.
I mean every bug you are facing in your life is like “how it works”. Isn’t it?
It is definitely wrong and I take a bet programmers maybe need 57,3 seconds to correct it in the code.
I assume, the collect button checks only the iron so adding an “OR ham” command will solve the issue.

No, it works the same way for Ham too — if you have space for Ham but not Iron, it’ll let you collect that, and then you can’t collect the Iron until an hour later.

It also works the same way when you only have partial space for both items.

It just always works like this.


@zephyr1 Why do you tell about a bug it is not a bug? Does it hurt you personally?

I have a ham storage capacity of +740k filled up +540k while my Watchtower does not release +47k. I have enough room for ham not but Watchtower releases it.
The logic must have check the iron only releasing the collect button.

If you did not recognize, the bug is not how Watchtower fills up the storage but how he releases the collect button.
E&P blocks my already collected foods and stealing me an hour ham production.

This is a bug.

I understand, and it’s always worked that way, and it does it for Iron too.

You have to have the capacity to collect the amount, or you’ll only collect up to your full capacity, and the rest will be stuck until an hour later when you can collect again.

It’s reasonable to request that work differently, but I don’t think it’s a “bug” — I think they designed it to work that way.


It’s working perfectly fine for me and for the others…
As said above please provide proof or evidence that you didn’t collected watchtower with food deposits full.
Otherwise CLEARLY you collected watchtower 1st and spent food after collecting watchtower.
The accusation is the one that must present the facts or proofs otherwise (even if you are right) there’s no bug nothing wrong and you made a mistake by collecting watchtower and didn’t make sure you had enough food storage BEFORE coleecting it!

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Jesus Christ, I’ve never seen a game with this many people complaining about bugs just because they don’t understand game mechanics.

There’s a bloody counter after you click the button, it’s clearly intended. I don’t agree with it, I think it’s dumb, but it’s not a bloody bug


I never seen a system where the creators ever accepted a bug as a bug, they are always telling it was made like it’s done.
I’d suggest to apply a job at Microsoft just to tell everybody the same facing BSOD or anything else.

Once upon a time, far far away in a different galaxy a guy named 1ryhpez went to the bank having his money stored and wanted to get it.
The friendly guard told, he can get any time his own money not but today, because 1ryhpez already got money last week and the system is designed not to enable getting your own money if you did it a week before.
More, because you wanted to get the money they are stopped to pay interest as virtually you got the money.

Anything similar with the E&P Tower system doesn’t release your hams while stopping to collect more ham is just a joke.


The tower is set on a collection time interval to make sure there’s always hams & iron available to be raided for

If you can’t accept the fact that the 3 yr old system is not a bug, that’s a YOU problem. Doesn’t fall on anyone else.

When storages are full, they’re full. Have to make room to collect more resources.

Can’t collect farms when storage is full, can’t collect iron when storage is full, can’t collect watchtower when either 1 or both storages are full(or you already collected in the past hour), can’t collect from training camps when hero storage is full, can’t collect recruits when recruit storage is full…get the picture?

And you actually have sense to sit there and say every one of those things are bugged?

Perhaps spend more time gaming, more time reading, less time complaining and talking out the side of your head, and the amount of misunderstandings you have with this game will suddenly become understandings…


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