Watchtower and worker upgrade

Im at the point where soon i will have finished building and upgrading all my buildings.

Already, because of cost and time of construction, i often have one of my 2 worker on the bench.

Lucky me. I know, and it’s evident i used the vip xtra worker non stop after my first 3 months of playing the game.

That being put in perspective.

What about letting us upgrade the tower 5 more levels.

Those levels could represent technological or magical research.
Each of these 5 level could give a bonus to a specific area :

  • research time reduction,

-item production boost or time reduction,

-hero and/or troops production time and/or bonus (a few % or even decimal of percentage boost ) of hero production outcome chance (tc and hero accademy)

-Capacity to use the iddle worker for assignments to boost food or iron production at a specific mine or farm.

-Or assigne the worker to the walls or the field (war field) for a bonus (not more than 5 %) to either defense or attack in raid.
No more than one worker to one area.
So you couldnt get a +5 attack and +5 def … but could get +5% attack or def and a bonus to production (mine or food) if you have 2 worker…
We could even imagine one worker assigned to “treasure hunting” and you could get a ridiculously low bonus to chest loot (.5%? .1)

So just a few idea and i wonder if something similar has been proposed before…

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