Watch tower

My team mates watch tower is being emptied. Not by an enemies raid or himself. Is this a bug? Couldn’t be an account hack right?

There are only two ways of emptying the wach tower: raids from other players and collecting the resources. In the latter case, the timer should be running again. Could you please check and maybe provide a screenshot. :slightly_smiling_face:

The timer is running. Watch tower emptied only when food and iron full

As the timer is running, i would suspect that you accidentially hit that button. So no need to worry, you did not lose any ressources. :smile:

No, not accidentally. My storages are full at that time, I confirmed it twice.
The issue: Whenever opens my WATCHTOWER, at the the time of food and iron full at watch tower, it shows empty.
After this issue game update is done. Let’s hope problem solved.

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