Watch tower production

Maybe this is a silly question, however, does anyone know if the food/iron per hour production rate at the watch tower means " overall" or per hour per farm??

For example: if I increase my watch tower and tells me I’m getting +1035 per hour for food… does that mean that I’m getting that on EVERY farm in addition to what my farm is producing per hr??

The Watchtower produces food and iron independently of farms and mines.

No, your watchtower produces that in addition to what your farms produce. Click them to see how much each produces per hour

The watchtower stores food from the provinces…at the end of the levels in season one you see a little tower with a flag like the one in the circle above. Once you beat the level, you “own” that outpost. So each hour you collect resources from any of the provinces you have finished.

The farms’ resources are completely separate from those of the watchtower.

It’s a shame that the watchtower doesn’t collect loot from Season 2 as well.


@Kerridoc well there’s this proposal/discussion…

I’m not sure anyone made it an actual “idea” post though.

EDIT: oh, and also this, which is technically a duplicate from the same poster

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I agree! I have wondered why they didn’t continue with that in the second season, especially since those levels are significantly harder…seems you should get a little lasting reward for getting through them.

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