Watch out for special stages in Helheim Hard mode! Deadly!

So, province 23 has Helheim special stages, and what they do is dealing 100% damage to all your heroes if an enemy dies. This is not a problem in normal mode. But in hard mode, it could be deadly, and I learned it the hard way. Yesterday at a stage that had 4 minions, I killed all of them at the same time, so each of them dealt 100% damage to my heroes. And that severely damaged my team. The picture below is where my heroes’ health was at as the result. They were almost at full health at the beginning. Had any of my heroes had lower health, they could have been killed by the realm bonus.

So my advice is DO NOT kill more than one enemy at the same time. Otherwise the situation could really be ugly. Good luck to all!


Good advice, thanks for letting us know.


No problem! Thanks for reading!

I bulldozed through this stages on hard mode with Telluria that helped me survived with here HOT ability in combo with green medic aid.

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Minion-wave destroying combinations like Wilbur + Wu is a bad recipe in Helheim. HP Boosters (Gullinbursti/Heimdall) and Minion Meat shield makers will help, combined with sniping off enemies 1-by-1… followed by more healing.

As advance notice – Wilbur is also going to be tricky to use in Alfheim also where the minions heal 7% whenever they reach low health. So if you get them all low health at the same time, like you typically will with Wilbur, they heal back up 21%++ and you start all over.


Thanks for sharing! This is very interesting information. I would not think about this and now I will be sure to take precautions.

You also have to watch out for those special runes that poison and burn enemies. Normally they are great help. But for these special stages, if you accidentally trigger them, you could accidentally kill enemies where you do not want to and their realm bonus deals huge damage to you and probably even kill you…

A viable solution is HoT,… CRigs…or C-Mel, keep HoT running and set it up after any dispel,…didnt find any difficulty using two HoT heroes, two reposte dealers and one mana controller.


Sometimes when the board is awful i use some heal pots but in general i dont have any problem with this team and i play only with this team

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Thank you so much for the tip. There should be some kind of “Tips to save the life of your heroes”-thread, for all these to go in, I am sure there are more! :slight_smile:

This was discussed before in the official topic for S3 maps, and I agree with you. I think damage dealth should be halved, to 50%, 100% is incredible!


Isn’t Gazelle’s special to make it so your team receives half the damage that is inflicted? So, this is a reason why you may not have problems or see no problem with it. Sadly, many of us do not have someone like Gazelle or Black Knight

Indeed, im very happy and lucku that i pulled her

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Grazul is amazing in these stages, she makes season 3 a breeze and a pleasure, easy and hard if anyone’s got her sitting in their roster.

Watch out when killing the boss before his mobs. 100% there is no joke.

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I thought the same!!! Brutal!!! Luckily I had revive scrolls with me. They killed Ariel and C. Vivica at once after Drake Fong killed 3 enemies at once and left Lianna with red HP.

I think it’s okay. The map stages are already a lot boring, one province being difficult won’t kill nobody.


Minions Minions Minions


Wow nice, you have 2 Lady of the Lakes. She’s awesome.

I only have one, but I run her with Santa and that’s has been enough. Definitely agree that minions are extremely helpful on these stages, especially LotL because of hers having the mana cut.


True. Plus, these special stages can be difficult but not impossible. You just have to manage your kills carefully and make sure to bring enough healers. Maybe also bring revive scrolls just in case.

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This is why I use my Heimdall for every single S3 stage. Usually have Heimdall, Telly and Proteus on my team. Stack up with double HP and 3 minions for every hero.

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