Watch "Flee after kill Alby after he revived his team mate but player still win." on YouTube

Like in this video above, player still win after player kill Alby after all his team mate then he revived them. Is that intended or a Bug?

Edit : I got this video from this post :

He said that this only works in war.

First, why did he wait for Alby to fire before killing him when all his heroes were already charged?

Second, it is related to heroes not remaining revived after battle ends if they were dead when battle started. They can be revived to fight during the current battle but they are still considered dead heroes for end result. So fleeing after they were revived if all the other heroes that were alive to start the battle are dead will result in a win as they are returned to their initial dead state.

Working as intended.


As @nevarmaor noted, this is working as intended.

See [Master] How does revive work in Wars? for further information and discussion.


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