Wasting time with titan

I have 2 accounts in this game and I have seen that no matter how good is a team from the first account, I never get good hits on titan and no matter how bad is the team from the second, I always get good hits. Even when I use the same team, the second always get good hits and the first get bad hits.
So, if the program chooses who I’ll get good hits is waste of time to invest to level up good heroes to fight against titans.


Delete. 20 deletes…

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It’s random, you’re never going to have the same experience on two accounts.

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I desagree! If it was random the same thing couldn’t happen always. When something happens always there is a standard.

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I agree…there is such a thing as a lucky account. Have you documented your summoning percentages over both to see whether alt is overall luckier?

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Yes, sure! The named second account always receives better heroes and faster. In the last Christmas event I had 12 yellow coins on the first account and received one Carol. With the second account I had only 4 yellow coins and I received a Krampus, a Mother North and a Buddy.

What have you named your second account? I mean, it’s not like I plan to change my name to match that one because you’ve found the secret name that gets excellent good fortune. Heaven forfend! I would … uh … I’m … er … just curious, you see …

Soon your second account will become your first then…

But if it become first… it will be no more lucky and the second that used to be the first will become again the first because more lucky and so on…

Now that’s a problem.

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So I am a second or third tier unlucky account as your second seems to blitz mine which has made me angry and cost me money on permanently suspended account.

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