Wasted talents on heroes

That’s because she actually was paladin before they nerfed her to wizard

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That’s not really the reason why she sucked being druid imo. It’s just that for a class that specialises in summoning minions, druid stat spread does not compliment minion summoners. Not only does it not have a consistent attack and hp path, for nodes 8 and 9, you either have to chose between health or the 3% attack attack up.
If you chose 3% attack up you go for defence, which is fine…whatever. But then health path pairs with healing bonus, like what the heck is going on!? Who in SG designed that talent path?

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I can only think of Sharan

I always thought this one in particular was really boneheaded. That is, until just this very evening, when I won a particularly nasty raid where it came down to cRigard vs. cElena, and i won because i tiled her to death with purple tiles and Rigard survived thanks to his Pierce proc’ing multiple times while her riposte was up. Thanks Ranger Rigard! :rofl: :man_shrugging:

still, most of the time, not very useful…

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Guinevere allows her to GO FULL DEFENSE AND HEALTH and EVERY JUNCTION so no

Amongst her many faults… :smiley:

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