Wasted talents on heroes

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I am not sure if such a topic was in the past or now, but I was curious what are the worst hero-talent synergies. Not what are the best or worst talents in general, but what are the heroes whose talents do not suit them at all.

I was just farming in Valhalla today and I was curious to see how much the bleed damage from my Black Knight (+9) was to a monster of 700 defense. I could hardly stop my laughter when I saw that the bleed damage was 1 per turn :)))) And I started to wonder why in the world would they make BK a Barbarian, when he is clearly a defense/ protective hero…

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I hear you, that is like Richard as a paladin with a damage skill he is also intended as a middle hero :rofl:

It’s to make you think carefully about how you spend your resources and what you need to suit your style of play.

A bit like how whenever there is Valhalla on you get Atlantis challenges in POV to create a dilemma in where to spend your flags.

An equally likely possibility is SG just do it to annoy you.


black knight is a double of monthy pythons knight, and this guy bleeds a lot. And for that reason it was made to a barbarian… to set bleeding debuffs.


The one I see most common is Sif being a Rogue


Is it because of riposte? The reason I ask is that there are some that prefer using cElena as a Rogue instead of Elena as a Fighter. I would have assumed that the normal with CB is preferred, but I see a number of cElena on defenses.

Some of those mentioned I dont have a problem with eg Richard being a paladin is a help. The def up chance along with his own attk down keeps his survivability up to fire multiple times from average speed & Sif evade chances her being about long enough for her protection to get going.

The main one that frustrates me is Kashrek being Wizard.


Proteus being a wizard. His poison is unaffected by jinx.


The rationale I hear is if you have Counterattack and reduced damage buffs on Sif you actually want to get hit rather than dodge.
I don’t 100% agree as not every class can perfectly match a hero and it generally makes her harder to take down.

The reason costume Elena is preferred is you sacrifice some direct damage for a much larger counterattack.

The crunchy 155% riposte is well worth losing the fighter talent for rogue IMO on C Elena. Most riposte damage is from tile damage anyways in my experience.

Guinevre’s class is what killed Guinevre. Change my mind.


The most useless one I can think of is Raffaelle’s passive skill. He resists ailments that affect attack. A pure healer losing that valuable attack is mind-blowing who put that in there.


Healers usualy have high attack stats, contributing greatly to tile damage in stacks, so this pasive skill is actually more relevant that it seems at first sight on a healer. Of course, Raffaele doesn’t have that high of an attack stat, but still, it won’t be further lowered by ailments…

True, but so many have very helpful passive skills and this one is pretty bad.

How about imune to sand damage… that’s niche as far as niche can go… I’d rather have attack shielding…

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It is in a way balance. You want black Knight to be paladin, because he will be disgusting with that class.
C thorne’s talent is questionable. Like for real, sorcerer? Paladin and sorcerer have one of the worse talent synergies for costumes. So it’s either you play as the offensive C Thorne or defensive regular Thorne, pick a side.

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For me Noor as a Druid is a misconstruction. The Druids thorne minions occupy a slot better used by Noors sparrow minions.
She should have been a monk or cleric.


I dont think that was what killed Guin. I think the influx of disproportionally strong dark heroes killed her and all yellow heroes (at least tanks). However, I do think it was completely intentional. Guin was still very relevant when emblems came out and still had a lot of complaints. Could you imagine the cries if they gave her any other class…not to mention if she was made a Paladin?

Other than that.

Ranger Rigard
Inari, Sif and Marge as rogues
Any minion hero that is a druid (there are a few).

Since OP is talking about talents and not about passive skills, let us leave it at that.

My draft before realizing someone beat me to the punch:

Can anyone remember of a ranger class hero with no damage dealing specials able to deal their pierce talent via tiles or slash attacks? All I can remember is that pierce only gets triggered, at a chance, when the hero uses his damage dealing specials. If so, Pierce is lost on costumed Rigard.

As to wizard’s talent, jinx can be activated either thru the specials or thru their regular attacks (tiles on offense or slash attacks on defense).

As to Sif, I think the evade talent is not totally lost on her. She is a holy hero and their counter have a ton of dispellers (Kageburado, Sabina and her costume, Onyx, Ametrine, Seshat, Domitia, etc. ). I love battling Sif as the middle hero in double raid defense formation as I use my mono purple of costumed Rigard, Panther, Alfrike, Kage and Ametrine. Sometimes, I hear myself cursing whenever Sif managed to dodge the dispel. With her surviving the snipe or hits from my dispellers, she manages to survive longer for her to cast or recast her riposte, and more durability to her allies.

As to BK, I’d hate not seeing him as barbarian (and maybe ranger). Imagine if he has, instead of bleed, either revive talent, or evade talent, or protect talent. He would be a nightmare to deal with.

there are some that are questionable for sure, and i don’t think Kiril being a wizard has been mentioned. it’s not quite as wasteful as Kashhrek being a wizard, but it’s still curious.

on the other hand, i would rather have Kiril for emblem trials over Kashhrek, so i’ll take that result of Kiril being a wizard.

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